Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Captain Jack

By Captain Jack. :P Hi! Well, today felt even weirder. I'm glad my nerves aren't doing weird things like yesterday, but today I feel sick to my stomach. O.O It's really weird to me. I'm guessing it has to do with having a period like this again, and hoping soon that this will go away. -_- I finished up my 3rd chapter and posted it on deviantART. It's getting kind of interesting. :D Now, that I know what I did wrong before, I can get the 4th chapter done much quicker. We'll see what people think of the 3rd first. :P

Chiyo is Sasori's grandmother. (Sasori is an Akatsuki member, who is also called Sasori of the Red Sand. Works with Deidara and is a puppet user. Chiyo took care of him after his parents were killed. He makes his own puppets.) His grandmother is really tough, surprising everyone because of how old she is. In order for the Akatsuki to take a Bijuu out of a Jinchuuriki it takes 3 days for the process to be completed. They project their bodies to the secret base, kind of like holograms. They have to give a large of chakra in order for the process to work. Their physical bodies are a bit more vulnerable to attack during it, since they aren't really there. :P Kisame stops and sees Gai's team coming and attacks. His partner (Itachi) stops, noticing Kakashi's team is making their way towards him.

After this for a while I was having issues with the internet connection. I didn't have time to do much of my Japanese, because of that. I need it to see if I'm learning the sentence structure correctly. Also, I wanted to look at the practice test.

Once I did get a connection, I realized I really needed to do my Birthday/ Hanukkah list. My birthday's on November 7th, so there's not much time. XD I can't believe I'll be 25. I guess it's cool, kind of a milestone birthday. ^_^ Hanukkah starts on December 11th, so not much time for that either. :P I couldn't at first come up with anything, but I looked at my Amazon.com wish lists and remembered more of what I wanted. So far, it's about 14 things. Not bad. I still want to look some more at things, it will give more options. :D

About sushi and how important the ginger is. :P

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