Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feel So Numb

By Rob Zombie. :P (One of his best.) Hi! Well, today looked deceptively warm out. It was cold and windy, but the sun was shining brightly. :D I started the character decriptions for my story, but apparently I was thinking too much about it and didn't get many of the characters done because I ran out of time. I think just it was just Shadow and Junko. Interesting to actually see them written down, instead of stuck in my head somewhere. :P When I'm done with the character descriptions, I'll try to incorporate them in the story and re- edit things. I'll also post them in my deviantART journal, and if people really want it later on, I'll put it in a deviation.

In Naruto: Kiba, Shikamaru, and Naruto all were thrown into fighting. Kiba and his dog Akamaru were up against Sakon and Ukon. Shikamaru vs. Tayuya. Naruto vs. Kimimaro. Kiba's fight was awesome! Ukon can slip out of his brother's body and fuses himself to another body. He says it's the best way to assassinate his enemy. Kiba thinking the only way to kill Ukon, stabs himself, which surprises Ukon and he quickly pushes out. It's a little disturbing that he tried to kill himself in order to kill his enemy. But, it worked. Tayuya can play a flute which she can control huge demons with. A very interesting battle too, considering Shikamaru can control shadows and is the smartest ninja in the village. Kimimaro uses his bones for his attacks. He can regrow them, turn them into spears, and he's super fast. The only downside to him is he's terminally ill, but he's still extremely powerful. Even Orochimaru said if he hadn't been sick he could probably beat anyone. Of course, Naruto is letting the Kyuubi control him again. (It lends Naruto it's power when he's extremely pissed off. By the way, the Kyuubi is the nine tailed fox that wrecked havoc and nearly destroyed Konoha. It's sealed up in Naruto.) I love how at the beginning of the fight Naruto made thousands of shadow clones (clones of himself), and Kimimaro just looked at them and just said 'oh... interesting.' :P I think I like their fight the most, I'm at the beginning of it.


In Japanese, I finished the ku section and did all of ki. 車 or kuruma means car, vehicle or wheel. (Kind of cool, because it actually looks like a wheel. :P) 黒い or kuroi means black. 木 or ki means tree, wood, or timber. 黄色い or kiiroi means yellow. 北 or kita means north. Gitaa means guitar. 汚い or kitanai means dirty, unclean, or filthy. 吉舎店 or kisaten means coffee lounge, coffee shop, or a (rather formal) cafe. 切手 or kitte means stamps (postage). 切符 or kippu means ticket. 昨日 or kinou means yesterday. 九 or kyuu is another way of saying 9. 牛肉 or gyuuniku means beef. 牛乳 or gyuunyuu means (cow's) milk. 今日 or kyou means today. 教室 or kyoushitsu means classroom. 兄弟 or kyoudai means siblings or brothers and sisters. 去年 or kyonen means last year. 嫌い or kirai means dislike, hate, or suspicion. 綺麗 or 奇麗 or kirei means pretty, beautiful, fair, clean, clear, pure, tidy, or neat. Kiro is kilgram or kilometer. 銀行 or ginkou means bank. 金曜日 or kinyoubi means Friday.

In Mai- HiME, Miyu takes care of Alyssa. Alyssa sings in the choir and is in elementary school. Apparently, she's another HiME. Mai works as a lifeguard during the summer. Hilarity ensues when everyone visits her at the beach. Kanzaki is still trying to get closer to Mai, of course this makes Tate jealous and says the wrong thing. (I don't think I like Kanzaki, he seems a little stuck up, and seems to have ulterior motives. Although, in this episode he seemed to have a better personality.) It was hilarious when Mikoto caught a huge fish, it was so big it fed everyone from the school, and they still had half its body left. :P

For games I did more of When Penguins Attack. I made it to the 49th wave of the first level (there's 50) and died. I was one away! :( It was still fun though. After that I went around and took pictures with my 'new' digital camera. (It was my parents' before.) I took a picture of what we can see out our upstairs window. Which is a good view of the neighborhood, you can see the mountains, it overlooks the street (which is a 3- way stop that leads directly to our house. :P), and you can see the trees just starting to turn color. The next 2 were of our Sukkah we just put up. The bad thing about that, was the wind was so strong it knocked off most of the evergreen bows and cornstalks for the roof. :( But, other than that, it didn't look too bad. Next, I took pictures of our lulav, etrog, and the box that carries the etrog. (I thought the box was pretty.) Finally, I tried to get a good picture of Tasha. (Who was in our laundry basket. :P) She kept moving around and squinting. The last one I took, I kept, because you barely see her eyes and she's kind of making a pose. She was so upset that I took so many pictures she bit me afterwards. XD I'm hoping to post the pictures on deviantART once I figure out where the memory slot is for this computer.

For drawing, I started to try and draw an original character that has been floating around my brain lately for some reason. I'm not finished (not by a long shot!), I just did basically the framework. So, it doesn't look like that character yet, but I can always try again if it doesn't turn out right. But, I'll work on it, and see how it comes out. I'm hoping for it to be like a mini project that might take a few days. :D When I'm done, I'll post it on deviantART too. I'm trying to have all my art in one place. Just makes it easier. Again, if people didn't get the link it's at:

This is just a crazy Vocaloid video (kind of like a computer rapping, but seems better somehow) starring Rin and Len:
A hilarious Death Note comic (Where Mikami gets drunk):
A video about the Seven Weeks War between Austria and Prussia. Using Vocaloid vocals and
Hetalia characters (Kind of funny the way they talk about it):
Another funny video featuring the Rin and Len Vocaloids:
A kind of creepy and sad video mainly about the Ren Vocaloid:

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