Monday, January 9, 2012

National Apricot Day!


I love apricots!:dummy:Dried or fresh, they're awesome both ways. Too bad we ran out of the dried apricots a couple of days ago.:iconusaplz:Apparently, the apricot originated in China 4,000 years ago. Cool. 
Started Kill Me Baby on Friday. One of the new anime shows this season. It's been cute and funny. Not as funny as I was expecting, though.:iconkikuplz:It feels a lot like a demented Lucky Star or Azumanga Daioh. But, there's some originality thrown in. Like, one of them's an assassin, and another's a ninja. Sonya, the assassin (at the top of pic), is attending a normal high school. Yasuna's (middle of pic) an airhead who follows Sonya around, and doesn't realize how dangerous she is. Agiri's a ninja (at the bottom of pic), who after hearing there was a ninja club at the school, decided to attend it. (The club had disbanded years ago...) Agiri seems to be the most funny and out of it character.:iconcuteamericaplz:It's not bad, so I'll continue watching it to see what they get into next. The only thing I really didn't like was the opening song. Very annoying.:iconohboyamericaplz:

The new anime I really want to see starts today, but I won't get to it until Saturday. I guess good things come to those who wait?:iconheroamericaplz:It has an awesome premise and potential. It's called Another. Hopefully, it's as good as it sounds. 

I finally finished Timeline by Michael Crichton!:iconlachoirplz:Only reason it took me so long was because I was a bit iffy about it. The more iffy or the more I don't like it, the longer I take to finish a book.:iconsleepygreeceplz:Sometimes, if I really like a book, I'll read it in one sitting. However many hours it takes.:iconjustaway-deathstare:The beginning of this one was dragging, then it got interesting for a while, then dragged again, etc. The ending was great, though. Basically, the few things I remember about the movie, was the end. And, it was similar in the book. It was much more gorey than I expected.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I mean things like, decapitations, people on fire, being hacked up by swords, being showered with blood, seeing a flung horse carcass on fire land in a castle. And that's just a few of the many gorey scenes.:iconchibichinaplz:I like that the author researched a bit to get a somewhat accurate feel for the time. Although, I felt he went into a bit too much detail. I like that the 'evil' guy, really just ignorant/blase of what he had created, got what he deserved.:iconenglandispervyplz:So, all in all, it was mixed for me. 

The next book on the list is Host by Peter James. I've read the excerpt on the back, and it sounds awesome!:iconeestiplz:Looks like a good horror/mystery/sci-fi book. Has lots of good reviews. 

Went out to the mall yesterday. There was a huge fire pretty close to it. Apparently, a light bulb in a tanning bed at a local tanning salon had exploded.:iconwtfukplz:Luckily, no one was seriously injured. Read that the only injury was a firefighter who got a small cut. Not bad. But, the building is totally destroyed. There were a couple of other business who shared the building. Kind of sad. But, it looked weird looking towards it at the mall. Huge smoke clouds billowing into the air, and being all hazy. 

After doing some shopping, we went to Applebee's for dinner. We ordered some onion rings for an appetizer. They were good. I ordered a Philly cheese burger. It was luke-warm, so the cheese wasn't melted.:icongermanyplz:Interesting that they used the patties that normally are for their 'sliders' for the burger. Fries were nice and lightly seasoned. They screwed up Mom's order, and seemed a bit nervous about it. They gave her a free order of fries, made her entree when it came free of charge, and she got a free sundae. Pretty awesome.:iconfrancisplz:The only thing to have to pay for her was a drink. Dad seemed to like her Asian chicken salad thing. Since she got a dessert, Dad and I decided to get one, too. We both got chocolate mousse shooters. So good!:iconitalyplz:And small, so that's a plus. It had Oreo cookie bits throughout the whole thing, whipped cream, and of course, the mousse. 

After that we went shopping again at a local store. I got a new scented candle. It's a spring meadow scent. Nice, and not too overpowering.:iconchibinitalyplz:I just like my bathroom to smell good. Got a new flavor of 5 gum. This time a green apple one called Vortex. Kind of fun. Hey, if I have to have gum for a medical condition, might as well have it taste good.:iconicelandfukkiretaplz:

Also, got a new secular calendar. This time it's not Japanese themed. First time in a long time. But, this one really 'spoke' to me. It's an herb calendar. Really beautiful pics.:iconchibihungaryplz:And, along with the English names for each month, there's the French, Spanish, and German ones. So, for the month of January, it also says Janvier, Enero, and Januar. Kind of cool to someone like me that loves languages. They do it for the names of each day of the week too. This month they're showing the common ingredients for pesto. Basil, garlic, parmesan, pine nuts, and olive oil. They're scattered around and in a mortar and pestle. I'm into cooking now, so it's a cool calendar in that way too.:iconchibiamericaplz:

I took down all the Hanukkah decorations. Kind of sad to not see them. Also, Naruto Shippuden finally got back to the story. It's been months since they haven't had a filler, so this was nice. 

Tomorrow, I'm thinking of making the Korean chicken thing. Also, for lunch Mom and I are meeting up with a few other members of Hadassah at a local Japanese restaurant. Saying 'bon voyage' to one of them, because she's going to Cuba with a Canadian group to see the Jewish community there. Sounds like it'll be interesting.:iconthailandplz:

On Thursday, I'm going through all my clothes. I think I need to get rid of a lot of them. For the first time, I'm making a list of clothes I need. I always feel that we're shopping just for my parents or something when we go to the mall. I never think about my own clothes until they're tattered, torn, worn-out, etc. I need to be more on the ball with that.:iconswissplz:It feels like I'm being selfish, but if I feel better about my clothes, I can help people more and feel even better about myself.:iconhappychinaplz:And on Friday I see my therapist. It'll be our last session, since she's retiring soon. I hope my next one's as good, if not better than her. She's one of the one's that's helped me the most. So, it's going to be kind of a busy week.

deviantART faves: Devil's Food Cake The Candy Corn Accident I did not make these! First, an amazing looking piece of cake made by an artist I watch. The recipe link's in the artist's comments. So, that's always nice. Second, a cute/dark Halloween themed drawing by an artist I watch. I love their cute and demented art. 

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