Thursday, January 5, 2012

National Whipped Cream Day!


Wow! A day for whipped cream? Nice.:iconfrancisplz:It was marked as today, because of Aaron 'Bunny' Lapin's birthday in 1914. He came up with Reddi-Wip, the first aerosol spray cream. It's also National Bird Day and the 10th of Tevet. Some really traditional Jews fast today. But, it's a minor one, so not everyone follows it.:icontinoplz:

On Tuesday, I did the carpet cleaner/deodorizer stuff on the floor upstairs. Really strong stuff!:iconlietplz:Burned my nose and the back of my throat, while I sprinkled it all over the place.:iconwtfukplz:Smelled much better and looked cleaner after I vacuumed it. Mom put some cayenne powder on the areas the cats seem more attracted to. Supposedly, it deters them from those spots.:iconchibicanadaplz: 

Managed to scan and do a little editing of the Hetalia Heritage meme. Had to use my printer. Mine doesn't do as good a job as my mom's. But, at least I finally scanned it.:iconhappychinaplz:
Went over the first lesson of my Japanese sentence patterns book. It was on or wa, and or ga. 2 of the most complicated and confusing particles for most people to learn. She explains things so much better than most sites online.:iconchibinitalyplz:I had kind of an idea about these 2, but this just enforced it more.

Got some more writing done. Blanked for a couple of minutes, but luckily got back on track. Still have a lot of ideas for the story. Also, did some character and building descriptions. Worked on Rakesh's description, and on the restaurant Akanoesco. 

For dinner Tuesday, I made latkes and some canned lentil soup (added green pepper, carrots, and diced tomatoes). Really tasty stuff!:iconchibispainplz:I might make my Korean chicken thing tonight, I'm not sure though. The only hard part would be separating the chicken. Plus, it has to marinate for about 1-3 hours. Hmmm...:iconkikuplz:Or, maybe I should do something simple and quick?:iconseychelles-plz:

I've had really weird mornings lately. Strange surreal dreams for a few nights now. Every time I've woken up, I felt a little disoriented.:iconusaplz:Yesterday, my alarm didn't go off. I must have been up at 8:30am, but thought it was before 8. So, I just laid in bed longer. Didn't end up falling asleep, though. I thought that it was awfully bright out, and I eventually looked at my watch. It was 11:07!!:ohnoes:Freaked me out enough to literally jump out of bed. So, I didn't get much done before going to the cafe.:iconnataliaplz:

While there, I read more of the December issue of You Maga, read both Timeline and Earth, found a few more interesting words, and did a crossword puzzle. After the cafe, we went to the grocery store. Didn't get home until around 7. Nasty weather out, too.:iconromanoplz:Luckily, we got something quick from the grocery store. We just needed to heat it up. Wednesdays can be difficult for making dinner. Since we don't leave the cafe until around 5, and we might do something like go get groceries after. It just kills the time to make something.

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