Thursday, January 12, 2012

National Curried Chicken Day!


Most chicken curries are really good. (Actually, I like curry in general. Not just with chicken.:iconheroamericaplz:) Interesting to have a day for it. 

Not feeling too good today.:iconsickplz:Throat's scratchy, can't breathe too well through my nose, nose is runny, and my stomach hurts. Yay!:iconnataliaplz:I feel like just eating comfort food, and lazing around in bed all day. I can do the comfort food thing, but I'm definitely not going back to bed!:iconchibiswedenplz:Still have stuff to do. Only really bad part of this is that I'm helping out my mom during the day. She has cancer, so I have to be extra careful when this happens. Oh joy of joys!:iconswissplz:

Went to the lunch on Tuesday that was supposed to have a few Hadassah members show up. Our president, and a few other members, cancelled almost last minute. We found out that Ichizen, the place we were going to eat at, had moved to another location only 2 days before that.:iconwtfukplz:Good thing we bumped into another member just as we were pulling up to Ichizen, and we agreed to eat at Pho T&N instead. We really like this place, plus it's not too bad price-wise. It was just the 3 of us. But, it was nice. The other member was the one that we were going to say goodbye to just before she went to Cuba. She plans to meet the Jewish community there. At least Mom and I were there to talk about it, and say goodbye. She'll call us when she gets back. I had their chicken coconut curry, by the way. It's become a fave of mine. So good!:iconitalyplz:

Actually managed to play my clarinet the last couple of days. I don't think I will today. Somehow, not being able to breathe normally, and my stomach hurting, doesn't sound like a good idea with playing my clarinet.:iconseychelles-plz:
Fairy Tail's been having a very interesting story arc. Somehow seems more 'complicated', unique, and twisted than a lot of their previous ones. The group came up with a plan to switch the guild back to normal. They decided they'd find the king first, have Lucy's spirit Gemini touch him (therefor, absorbing some of his abilities), and figure out how to turn them back using Gemini. Without getting caught. But, they get caught by Edola's Erza and the Royal Army in the king's 'secret' escape tunnel. Carla wasn't sure why she had memories of the tunnel, but they followed it anyways. Erza and the army all bow down to Carla and Happy, calling them Exceeds. Thanking them for finding and leading the group into their custody. Carla and Happy aren't sure what's going on. And, Carla feels she's betrayed her best friend Wendy without knowing. Happy hasn't had any memories of the place yet. 
It feels like I'm getting close to the end of 666 Satan, sadly.:iconpolandplz:I don't particularly like what Ruby's wearing in the pic. But, she hasn't had time to find real clothes since she was found. She just ripped apart something extra that another person had at the time. (She was locked away in a tank in her angel form. Which was like a fish. So, she didn't have clothes when she came out and transformed back.) Anyways, Ruby found her father that she thought had died at some point. He's the leader of Zenom. (One of the bad guy organizations.) Everyone's, except Jio's, nuclei was taken. (Although, I thought Ruby still had her's,too...:iconnorwayunimpressedplz:) Jio has the most powerful recipe/nuclei (being Satan), so both Stea and Zenom have been disparately trying to catch him. I think he'll take Zenom down, and then Stea. He wants to conquer the world still, and that might help him meet that goal. 

Finished reading the December issue of You Maga at the cafe. Started reading the newest issue of Soy Source, and read more of Earth and Host. Earth has been hilarious, and Host seems to be really picking up. Also, got 3 shower gel scents from Avon when we got home yesterday. One that I normally get which is pomegranate and mango. (Really nice!:iconchibihungaryplz:) And, the other's I haven't tried before: vanilla and cherry blossom. Tried the vanilla, and I really like it too!:iconchibiamericaplz:Almost smells like I put frosting on.:iconspainplz:Not sure about the cherry blossom one yet. Kind of fun to mix it up a bit. (Been a long time since I've had my normal soap, so this is really nice!:iconchibipolandplz:)
In Naruto Shippuden, Motoi (on the left) talked about how he once tried to kill Killer Bee (on the right). Just because he had a profound hatred for the Hachibi (8 tails. Which looks like a bull/octopus hybrid) who killed his father, and was sealed inside Bee. Naruto realized he had to confront his dark side, in order to become stronger and control his Kyuubi (9 tails. A 9-tailed fox) better. Turned out Killer Bee only remembers his friendship with Motoi when they were younger. And, still considers him a good friend. Motoi was scared to tell Bee about how he tried to kill him, so when he did, he was surprised by Bee's reaction. Kind of like he's saying 'no harm done, it's all good'. I really like Killer Bee's character. His attitude towards things is great. Although, his rapping was sometimes annoying at first. Kind of grows on you after a while. He seems to be a more complicated character than he let's on. 
In Ao no Exorcist, the exwires are taking care of the people who were attacked by miasma at the Kyoto branch. It's where Bon, Shima, and Konekomaru come from. (They're shown as little kids in the pic.) So, they got to see some of their relatives. Shiemi felt useless, and breaks down while talking to Izumo. Izumo tries to insult her, saying she's about as useful as a weed. But, Shiemi takes it as a compliment, since she likes them, saying she'll become even more like a weed. Rin met Bon's dad, who's also known as the Priest of the Cursed Temple. He's a survivor of the Blue Night. He doesn't seem to take his job seriously, and a lot of the time over indulges in alcohol. I think this was the part in the anime where everyone starts trusting Rin again. Not sure if it'll be the same here. I guess I have to read to find out.:iconhappychinaplz:

deviantART fave: Funnel Cakes I did not make this! It's a pic of funnel cakes with some sugar falling down onto it. Nice effect, and looks so tasty! Done by an artist I watch. And, just like she usually does, there's a recipe link in the artist's comments. 

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