Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.

A quote by Maurice Chevalier. :D Hi! Well, I felt like I was hit by a truck again, so I slept in. -_- I think I'll feel better by tomorrow, and can do what I want to do. I apparently had a ton of messages on deviantART. I don't know why it was all of a sudden. I also joined a group on there, so maybe that might have to do with it. It's a Gintama fanclub. They draw fanart, write fanfics, have quotes from it, clips of episodes and amv's, contests, and games for club members, polls, and more. It's really a lot of fun! ^_^ If anybody wants to join it check out my friends section on there, they should have an icon to it. (I have a free account, so I can't post any of the club icons that I might be apart of on my page. Kind of sucks, but they're still in the friends section, and I gave the link out in my journal on there.) Funny thing is I tried to use headphones, and it took me a while to figure out the right jack to the computer. :P But, I figured it out. ^_^ Also, there's a new application I'm using on Facebook, that Crunchyroll made. It's called Naruto Shippuden Official! on Facebook. It's game where you're a ninja in the Naruto world and you level up, go on missions, learn jutsu (techniques), make up teams, fight others that are using it, and more. The Hokages give you special things for completing missions. It's actually a pretty good system. Except for when you run out of chakra, you can't do anything until it fills up again. I've supposedly killed someone in the player vs. player thing. Usually they just say you beat the other person, and they're retreating. But, apparently they didn't retreat. o_O I've only lost once on there. Reminds me of another game I played a while back. :P

I watched the next Primeval episode. This one was just weird. They made a model of where all the mythical creatures' stories came from, and where the known anomalies were. Supposedly with this info they can pinpoint when and where an anomaly will happen. One of the places was an abandoned house, so the team went to see if there was an anomaly there. The place smells like animals. o_O Helen used one of the military guy's clones to break into the ARC. Security found him and killed him. A detective named Quin showed up at the house too. His brother was killed there, and he thinks the only witness to it murdered him. He died 14 years ago. Nobody believed the survivor of the incident because he said some creature killed his friends. Abby was almost attacked by these creatures and ended up stumbling down the stairs, hitting her head and passing out. Everyone kept seeing a girl in red. Abby later follows her and finds out that the kid has been feeding it. Connor gets arrested because he was just doing his job. :P This creature can camouflage itself like a cameleon. It looked like a cross between a bat and a man. Very weird. o_O So, the anomaly opens up where they thought it would be and the creature tries to go home. But, the detective who wasn't thinking straight killed it while it was going through. Smart. :P It looked like at the end, Helen was preparing to make a clone of Cutter. We'll see.

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