Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ogenki desuka?

This means how are you. Hi! I'm still feeling sick, but I decided to kind of ignore it today by trying to pack my routine up. I think I over did it a bit. I started coughing so hard in the middle of the day, I thought my throat would give out. x_x But, I still had some fun today!

I watched some of the program called Health for Today. At first, I thought it was about blood clots in the lungs. But, I looked up the kanji I wasn't sure of and it was cancer spots in the lungs. They talked about how there's new technology out today that will take care of them. They said they can now stick lasers down into the lung that's affected and take out the cancerous tumor, with little discomfort. I'm not sure if I really believe that, it sounds kind of weird.

After that, I read some of Naruto. I read the part when the Sandaime Hokage dies and how Orochimaru loses the use of his arms. (Happened at the same time.) Now Orochimaru can't use his arms for all the jutsus he's been collecting. (Although, I know later things change.) It's kind of fitting for him, considering he wants to know all of the jutsus in the world and to have the tool to do it with, be taken away. Also, I like how Naruto was able to beat some sense into Gaara. (Literally. ^_^) I got to the point where Jiraiya and Naruto set off on a trip. I know from the anime this is where he trains with Jiraiya. It's also the trip where they meet Tsunade. Tsunade's just awesome! :P

I watched a bit of a program called J- lit. It's about old and new Japanese stories. The funny thing is when they were interviewing (I think the author, could just be a critic.) someone, they spoke in Japanese. When they read parts of the book they spoke in English, even though I could clearly see the book was in Japanese. o_O Kind of confusing! This program was only about 5 minutes long. I think I'm noticing that either the general public of Japan have short attention spans or they feel like they need to have more topics or shows during the day? At least to feel like a full day? I don't know, it makes for an awfully weird schedule though. That's another thing, I had to really search online for this channel's schedule, because they mix everything up and don't have the right times when you go to the programs' descriptions. Plus, they put in a little corner towards the bottom of their homepage a link for the schedule. Hard to see!

Later I watched Have a Good Day! Apparently, September 1st is Disaster Prevention day. They were still talking about preparing for earthquakes, fires, etc. This holiday marks the day in 1923 (?) when a huge earthquake hit much of Tokyo, Yokohama, and other surrounding cities. I think they said it was a 7.9 on the Richter scale. It killed 140,000 people. So, in memory, they educate and prepare people for disasters. They showed drills across the country, at companies, stores, schools, etc.

I watched their TV exercises for today. (It was only a 5 minute program. I think the one for Saturday is 10 minutes.) They mostly move their arms around. But, it was nice to see them showing that someone sitting down can still do them. Kind of doesn't help the legs or the rest of the body though. :P I heard a while ago that the whole country stops what they're doing to turn on the radio at a cetain time, and start these exercises. I don't think you have to do them, but they're strongly encouraged. Next, was Hello From Studio Park. This one was about an actor's life and the people that have worked with him. Also, they were promoting his movies through out most of the show. I don't think I liked it much. That's the good thing about watching these things first, I can pick and choose. Chances are I probably will have a lot less programs I'll want to watch once I figure out the normal shows. :P

I watched Today's Menu. I kind of like it for some reason. The host seems a little corny, but cheeky. The hostess has a funny personality herself. (Kind of sarcastic.) Today they were cooking Thai food. They started with serving mango juice. I think the next thing was called Tomayamachan. I could be wrong, because I don't think I've heard of it and can't find it anywhere online. It's a shrimp, potato (I think, although I could have sworn the hostess said it was garlic. But they looked too huge to be garlic. o_O), curry, tomato, and hot peppers soup. They called the next thing Taifunyakisoba. I think it's a play on Thai food and the typhoon season starting, and of course it's a type of Yakisoba. Kind of funny. :P It had aburaage (Made from soy beans. It's basically deep fried tofu cut into thin slices. Often, they're called tofu pouches. And in folklore, it was the favorite food of the fox.), bunch of veggies, ramen, hot peppers, hoisin, and mirin. Next, they made broccoli tempura with a 'sweet' sauce (didn't catch what was in it, but saw it said amai which means sweet, it was also red.) and sprinkled edible flowers over it.

I know all day is like Japanese to me now, but I still need some time to go over things and learn why they say certain things on my own. Also, helps to slow things down a bit. ^_^ So, I was writing during some of the shows some of the kanji I don't know and some of the words they were saying that I wasn't familiar with. (And some I just needed a review on.) Later, I looked up some of these characters. Some of them are really weird looking. So, now I know 8 characters of Kanji pretty well, and I think there was only one or two of them I knew of already. I learned the words for ground, rice field, generations, district (or ward, section), plan, precious stone (or food containing eggs, or an abbreviation for King [Shogi]. Kind of a weird one.), chief (or leader), and country. They are: chi, ta, sei, ku, kei, gyoku, chou, kuni. (Following the same order.) If you can see Kanji on your computer, they look like this: 地, 田, 世, 区, 計, 玉, 長, 国. If you can see it, you know how weird they look. :P I'll look up more of the ones I have from today's shows tomorrow.

I also watched some of La Corda d'Oro second season. It was mainly about showing the guy who stopped playing his intrument, that he shouldn't worry about what others think and play from the heart when he plays again. It was quite a sappy episode. I liked that towards the end they had the ensemble play. Apparently, Hino was asked to play a solo, but they're showing that in the next episode.

I also watched some of Hetalia's second season. Wahoo! They're still making them. There were talks about stopping it last season. (Look for it in previous posts, I talk about the first season. Just so you have some background.) It's still as funny as ever. :P And again only 5 minute episodes. I wish they were longer. :( One of them was about Russia. How he thinks he can fall from any height and safely land on the snow like it was a giant pillow. He falls out of a plane shouting Vodka all the way down, and later breaks a few bones but that didn't phase him at all. Everyone's terrified of him, even the 'Baltic' countries. Latvia appears to look up to him, but he really thinks Russia's a bully and is trying to hold his country back. They focused a bit on the Anglo- Japanese Alliance that was signed in 1902. (I think that was the year.) England visits Japan, and is amazed by the nature of Japan. For instance, Mt. Fuji. He's also especially interested in the folktales. Eventually, he gets so exhausted he ends up believing these folktales and sees 'spirits'. What really happened was he was talking to himself and passed out. They also talked about customs each country has for Christmas. I like how Japan said it's just a commercialized holiday and doesn't mean much. (He was happy to get presents, although he said he wasn't Christian. I think it's funny.) Also, how Russia said they celebrate it on a different day and make dolls that come to life on December 25th. :P I'm now caught up to the newest episodes. Next one should be on the 7th. It's supposed to come out every Monday.

How to Enjoy Art Museums was interesting. (Another show.) It's about how they are set up in Japan. They have like separate buildings for each exhibition. I think the one the showed had a samurai theme. It had wide open spaces and was in a forest. Very interesting artwork too. I like the paintings that were split into 2 panels. One side being half of a mountain scene, and the other continuing it.

Started watching a concert that was full of singers. When they sang, there was the letters they were singing on the screen below them. So, I could follow along, even if I didn't understand some of the words. That was an awesome learning tool for me. Had to stop for our local news and dinner. :D Sorry, if this is too long. I'm kind of excited, and this can also serve as a record for what I've done. Kind of fun that way. I love comments or feedback though. Always nice to hear peoples' opinions on things. :3 I'm actually very happy right now, although a little drained because it's like info overload, but it's still good.

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