Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kagura: Save me! "Health!"... "Health me!"

Gintoki: It's "help me", got it? You're noisy.
Shinpachi: Gyaaaaah! "Herpes!".... "Herpes me!"
Gintoki: It's "help me", got it!?

This is from Gintama. One of the many hilarious scenes in Gintama. I think it's the episode about giant cockroaches. o_O As soon as they see them they run around the place saying this. Hi! Well, today I was really nervous before my appointment and tried to distract myself until then. (Also, still sick. Yay! -_-) So, I looked at DeviantART for a while and watched Youtube videos. I was just too nervous to read manga, or anything other than those for that matter. I did go to my appointment to get the mole removed. The nurse was really nice, and told me I'm going to tell you exactly what I'm doing. That kind of made me more nervous, but at the same time glad that she wouldn't stab me without warning or something. :P The dermatologist looked at it and drew lines all over the area. He said, look this is what we're going to do. That was a little too much information for me. -_- So, after that, the nurse numbed me saying you ok? And when I said yeah I think so, she said it's going to pinch again, here we go, 1, 2, 3. And it would keep going like that for a while. Although, at the beginning it would hurt a lot, so when she said 1, 2, 3, I cringed with pain at 3. :P Once we thought it was completely numb, the doctor came back and started working on it. I didn't feel much through most of it. At one point, I felt them take it out of me, but it wasn't painful. It only hurt towards the end when they were stitching me up. That was very painful! After that they gave me a few instructions and that was it. The area's a bit sore now, and feels like someone sliced deep into me for part of it. (hehehe... well, someone did. :P) I'm not allowed to pick up anything with that arm for 24- 48 hours. After that I can do light things for 10 days, but nothing heavy during that time. After this we stopped by the house, had lunch, played a bit on our computers, and went back out to get groceries. I took them in one handedly, but it took a while. I would've done it in no time, if I could use both arms. >.<

Here's an interesting quiz: Belief-O-Matic: Very interesting results. :P


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