Monday, September 21, 2009

No More Stitches!

Hi! Well, I had a pretty good Rosh Hashanah. I hope everyone had a good weekend. :D It always amazes me who actually shows up for services during this holiday. There are some people who only go to synagogue during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. That's it through out the entire year! On Saturday, we went to a pier for Tashlich. (Tashlich meaning cast off.) It's where your sins are symbolically cast off by throwing crumbs or pieces of bread into a body of water. It's fun to watch the birds get all excited because of the crumbs being tossed. Also, we saw huge starfish. One was quite a bit out at the bottom of the ocean. It was white with very long skinny arms. There were a lot of fat purple ones. XD And one that was pink and green, that had hundreds of little stubby feet and a huge body. It was pretty cool. ^_^ Today, I got my stitches taken out. It looks really weird now. It hurt a bit towards the end, because of how tender that area is. They were happy with the way I took care of it. I guess that's a good thing. Oh, and I drew a Rosh Hashanah thing yesterday. I felt inspired by the holiday, and posted it on deviantART. Someone immediately put it into their collection. (That's like more than just faving it!) o_O Also, someone apparently likes my art and encouraged me to do more today. Very nice, but this is the first time someone has actually left multiple comments, put me on their watchlist, and tried talking to me about it in my profile. Weird. ^_^ They even want to read the story I'm coming up with for my manga. I hope to post the first chapter soon on there. I'm already a bit into the second.

In Naruto, Sasuke and Naruto fought on a hospital roof. They only fought because Sasuke keeps thinking he's not good enough, and had always thought he was better than Naruto. Naruto just wants recognition from him that he's on the same level. Sakura was kind of stupid and ran in front of them just when they were about to hit each other with their strongest jutsu. (Chidori vs. Rasengan.) Kakashi being extremely fast stopped them and threw them at the water towers. When Sasuke looked on the other side of the tower he noticed Naruto's technique was far greater than his. They both were intending to kill each other. Later, Kakashi gave him a lecture on revenge, and it just made him more pissed. When he was finally alone the Sound show up.

In Gintama, I skipped most of the story about the female firefighter. Even in the anime it seemed a little too long. Yeah, I understand she's trying to prove that women can also be firefighters, but I don't need to know every detail about it. It just seemed like they were dragging it out a bit. One of the few that the story wasn't done too well.

In Japanese, I did the no's, ne's, nu's, ni's, and na's sectons. (Seems like a lot but really wasn't.) Nooto means notebook or note. 飲み物 or nomimono means drinks or beverages. 飲みます or nomimasu means to drink or to swallow. (There's a pattern. :P) Nekutai means necktie. 年 or nen can mean year or a counter for year. The only word on the list they had for nu was 脱ぐ or nugu. Which means to take off clothes or undress. 二 or ni means 2. 賑やか or nigiyaka means bustling or busy. 肉 or niku means meat. (Always thought this one had an interesting kanji.) 西 or nishi means west. 日曜日 or nichiyoubi means Sunday. 荷物 or nimotsu means luggage. Nyuusu means news. (Actually sounds like it when sounded out.) 庭 or niwa means garden. 人 or nin is a counter for people, it's also sometimes in compound words meaning 'something' person. Nai means not when connected to a verb. Naifu means knife. 中 or naka means middle or inside. 鳴く or naku basically means animals making sounds; to sing (bird), to bark, to purr, etc. 夏 or natsu means summer. 夏休み or natsuyasumi means summer vacation. 等 or nado means etc., and the like, and so forth. 何 or nani or nan means what.

This is just hilarious, and I've felt like this playing on some of the online games.
Everybody's heard about the 3 second rule. ^_^

Too cute:

So true:
Vocaloid version of the Swedish song, I think, that has been popular on the net.
Gets stuck in your head. :P Odd, but addicting:
Fits Gintama so well!:
Poor Mello:
Names are difficult to remember, sometimes. :P

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