Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

This is a James Dean quote. Hi! Well, today I feel like crap. I'm still sick, maybe feeling more sick than yesterday. I for some reason feel really down in the dumps. My contacts just aren't fusing very well today. Luckily it will be better tomorrow, because they called and told me that the new ones are in. These will actually be my prescription, and made for astigmatism. Plus, they said that it should feel much better. I got up late today too, because I was starting to feel pretty bad last night, in fact it took me a while to fall asleep. I'm hoping this is just a fluke, or I just over did it today. Since I woke up late I didn't really have a chance to do much. So, this will be short and sweet. :)

I watched a little of a kids' show on TV Japan just to hear a more simpler way of speaking. It was a weird show. ^_^" Also, watched the exercise program again. It seems like they are different each day, but still very doable. Kind of nice. :P I tried to watch more of Today's Menu, but apparently they were airing something different than what was supposed to be on. Also, on Have a Good Day they visited a couple of rural towns. One that was known for their uni or sea urchin, I think the eggs of it, that's a delicacy. They ate it like icecream. o_O It looks nasty to me but if I were given it I would try to eat it. It's almost an honor over there if served it, so it would be rude not to. Also, they went to a place that's known for their, I think paper mache animals and masks. There's a woman in the shop who's 92 and still making these. She likes to do the tigers. The hosts or anchors of the show tried to paint 2 of the tiger figures. The lady made a hot pink one with hearts all over it, which the older woman wasn't too sure of. The guy made a white tiger, she liked that one a lot more and said why don't you stay and work for us. :P It was cute. I also caught a glimpse of the show Tokyo "kawaii' TV. I kind of hated it. They were showing a group of girls from Spain who were really into Japanese fashion. They looked really weird. x_x When they visited Tokyo, they went nuts over the 'kawaii' or 'cute' things. I'll be honest, I like some cute things, but what the girls thought were cute were absolutely ugly. That's about all I've watched today on it, and they were just part of these shows. So, even less time.

Dad was kind of mean to me earlier, but I think it's because he's in 'work' mode. (Sorry, about writing about you again. I just felt like putting my feelings down.) He's hard to approach when that way. He kept saying I really need to converse. Funny thing is they say you don't need to converse with a native speaker face to face in order to learn the language. It's nice, and it might help, but you don't 'have' to do it. I'm learning a lot from watching TV Japan, the MLC (Megumi Language Center in Tokyo) site that prepares you for the JLPT, penpals, eventually I'll find a chat and chat in Japanese with someone in Japan, and figuring out what some of the words mean online, grammar lessons online, and more. I'm learning enough for the level 4 (most simple) test, by using all of these things. I'll learn in other ways, after the test. For now it's only about the test though. :P I get to learn the basics of conversation too on all these things. I feel like when he says things like this, he's pushing me too hard. I'm already working my butt off on it, so it kind of pisses me off. I also realize things get to me more if I'm feeling down, so nice going for me. :(

I played a bit of Fate too. I love that game. They say that it's similar to Diablo. You get to explore a vast dungeon, which has more than 45 levels going down underground. Eventually you get so far underground that there's fire spewing from the floor. o_O (Yes, you can die on this. You get to see Death and he gives you choices on how you want to come back to life.) You also get to go on a bunch of quests that the townspeople give you. There's lots of surprises and the items seem pretty random. You also get to take a pet with you. Either a dog or a cat. They level up also, and can transform into things. They transform into spiders, wolves, wraiths, and other things. It's really cool. Also, you have the choice of being a girl or a boy. Most games make you play as a guy. I like having the choice. :3 This time I played as a girl with a cat. I think I'm leveling up quicker and finding cooler items than the last time I played. I haven't died yet, and I'm at level 7 of the dungeon. So fun! I might see if my Prey game will load better on my computer than laptop. It was horrible on my laptop. I tried looking at Fable last night on my computer, and it didn't load too well on it. The scenery was mostly white, and it's supposed to be green and look like a forest. Also, some of the ponds looked yellow. Very odd. I just won't play that on here.

Also, I'm a part of a new guild on Gaia. It's called Religious Tolerance and Information. It's really interesting. Plus, after I joined a lot of the people I knew on the Jewish guild I'm on joined too. :P They want at least one person designated to give info on their religion. Also, they want to debate and talk about what your religion means to you. They don't want to put down anyone's religion, just to inform people and show that there are different views and beliefs out there. It really is a new guild having just opened August 27th. ^_^ I'm very interested in this one, I love learning about other people. Also, I don't think they designated anyone for the Jewish info. It would be weird if I stepped up. It will probably be Divash, who seems to know everything about Judaism. That person is pretty awesome. They're like a fountain of knowledge. Well, hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better and get back to things.

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