Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Every human has a secret, or two. Or three.

An Ayame quote from Fruits Basket. :D (I think I might start doing song titles or something next time. There aren't many good quotes out there.) Hi! Well, today was busy. It was cold today again, I think they said it would be 10 degrees cooler than normal. I must have eaten something weird at the break the fast because today I felt really weird. o_O I started chapter 3 of my story. Up to about 16 pages now! Crazy! I feel like I haven't even begun. XD

In Japanese, I finished the shi section. There's a ton of words that start with shi or ji. o_O 自転車 or jitensha means bicycle or bike. 自動車 or jidousha means car. I don't put too many of the verbs up because of all the different forms of it, but I thought this one was interesting. 死ぬ or shinu is the root for to die. (I've heard of many different forms of it before. But, I thought the root would be shini. Mainly because of the word shinigami. (Death g-d or spirit.) 字引 or jibiki is another word for dictionary. 自分 or jibun means myself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself, me, etc. Ja or Jaa means then, well, so, or well then. 写真 or shashin means photograph or photo. Shatsu means shirt. 十 or juu means 10. 週間 or shuukan means week or weekly. 修行 or shugyou means studying, learning, training or pursuit of knowledge. 宿題 or shukudai means homework. 上手 or jouzu means skill, skillful, dexterity, or flattery. 丈夫 or joubu means healthy, robust, strong, solid, or durable. 醤油 or shouyu means soy sauce. (What's interesting is the kanji words are: 醤 sauce and 油 oil. I guess it makes sense, just a little weird to me.) 食堂 or shokudou means dining room, dining hall, cafeteria, messroom, restaurant, eatery, or snack bar. 白い or shiroi means white. 人 or jin means -ian (e.g. Italian, etc.) (attaches to name of country to denote nationality), -er (e.g. performer, etc.) (attaches to name of occupation), (usually in compound words) man, person, or people. 新聞 or shinbun is newspaper.

In Hetalia, it showed what Americans and Japanese do after Christmas. (America is the guy in the picture. He loves his slushy. :P) Japan immediately busily gets ready for New Year's. He loves this time of year. Meanwhile, America is freezing having blizzard like conditions. Therefore, he hates this time of year. He has an alien following him everywhere during this. (Maybe hints of Roswell? It's still weird.) Japan has a dog and every once in a while a chick that follows him. America just wants to sit at home and play video games, and doesn't want to leave the house until Spring. Apparently, Japan thinks you have to buy manga and icecream if you're celebrating New Year's alone. o_O He seems to always be shopping for the next holiday.

In Mai HiME, mostly everyone went to the Fuka Festival. Mai stayed behind to help Takumi get over his fever. His roommate comes in, and tells Takumi he's got a major sister complex. XD Akane goes on a date, and hopes to tell her boyfriend about her abilities. Tate, Kanzaki, Takumi, and Mai all end up falling through an old wooden floor. They get separated. Kanzaki tells Mai that she should love him, if she's not in love with Tate. o_O Of course, an Orphan appears. :D It looks almost like a hellbender. Akane battles another one, showing what she can do. She has weapons that clasp to her arms. During her battle, her boyfriend just looks shocked. Kanzaki also sees Mai's ability. After Akane kills the Orphan, her boyfriend tells her he still loves her. The girl in the picture shows up. Her name's Miyu, which stands for Multiple Intelligential Yggdrasil Unit. (Some of that really doesn't make sense.) She kills Harry, which is Akane's 'child'. Soon after that her boyfriend dies and disappears in a vapor. Her mark that showed she was a HiME disappears with him. Apparently, when a child dies, the person that the HiME cares for the most dies with it. :( It was very sad.

Next, I played a game called When Penguins Attack TD. It was hilarious! Obviously it's a tower defense game where this 'army' of penguins comes marching in and you have to kill them all. They make funny noises when they die. XD It was really fun!

I also drew my version of my Gaia avatar. It's not entirely done. I still think I should color it. But, I'll post it on deviantART after this. It was kind of fun. I wanted to see what she'd look like non- chibified. ^_^ Oh, and I didn't draw her dragon that was around her ankles. I might add that tomorrow along with color. But, I can post it first to show what it looks like without those.

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