Sunday, December 26, 2010

National Candy Cane Day!


Yay! For candy canes!:dummy:I'm not too into them, but they're good if I'm in the 'mood'. There's so many different flavors too. Wow! Haven't posted in a while.:iconkikuplz:Been a bit busy with catching up on things, and such. It's been warmer than it usually is this time of year. Supposedly, that's going to change soon, and get really cold. Oh joy!:iconyaykumajiroplz:Also, earlier there was a pretty strong wind storm.

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a really great one!:iconchibiamericaplz:As for the rest of us, I hope you had a great weekend. We actually did a very 'Jewish' thing. Ate at a Chinese buffet.:iconenglandispervyplz:It's a tradition, and usually people go to the movie theater afterwards. We didn't, although I watched a movie online. (Which I'll talk about later.) I really like most of the stuff they serve at this buffet called King's Wok. The stuff I like the most there is: garlic green beans, the bok choy, sesame beef, buttermilk donut things with sugar sprinkled on top, honey chicken, chicken dumplings (I think shumai), General Tso's chicken, vegetable lo mein, vegetable fried rice, spring rolls, chicken teriyaki on skewers, and more.:iconitalyplz:For dessert, their apple pie and ice cream is awesome!:iconchibispainplz:I know apple pie isn't very 'Chinese', but they seriously make the best ones there.:iconchibihungaryplz:It's almost like a streusel, with the layered phyllo dough. It's not technically a pie and not really streusel either. It's like in a category all it's own.:iconhungaryplz:They should sell that outside of the restaurant. I'm sure they'd be rich. 
I have good news!:iconus-xdplz:Gintama is coming back in April! That's just a little over a year of it being 'on hiatus'.:iconhongkongplz:I guess they needed new material. Since, it's generally all based on parodies. One of the directors had said that it would definitely come back. It was just a matter of time. It better be good.:iconromanoplz:I still love this show! I love how they can make you laugh one minute and cry the next. The fight scenes are amazing too. Hope they keep that up.
I watched a movie called Saigo no Yakusoku, or Last Promise. Five members of the band Arashi star in it. They've been in a few dramas and other movies. (One of them was the lead in Bambino) I like their acting more than their music.:iconusaplz:At least, so far. It was a pretty good movie, except the end was really corny. It had a lot of good actors that I've seen from other shows. That was a big plus. I like how when the 'bomb' blew up, it was just a tiny firework that went off. There's an interesting twist towards the end. A building has been hijacked with around 200 people as hostages inside. These 5 guys try to 'escape', and in the process, interact with the other hostages. It's better than it sounds.:iconheroamericaplz:I won't reveal the ending. You have to watch it yourself. 

I went to Shabbat services yesterday. Actually had a good turn out. The Rabbi led it along with our cantor. There was another Rabbi that came to read the parsha. She's from the synagogue Mom and I sometimes go to. At one point we were a part of both congregations. I think they always have a Friday night service, and our's always has a Saturday morning. So, if you don't mind driving a lot, you could be covered for services.:iconchibicanadaplz:They lean towards being conservative. And, just a couple of years ago, they decided to become reform. So, it's kind of a different feel with their services. Anyways, the only problem I have with their Rabbi is, she doesn't sound very good to me when she chants or sings. Also, she has very conservative views. This was the first parsha in Exodus. About the very beginning of Moses' life. 

I posted that Flavour meme I've been working on for a while. Only had one person fave it so far. Which, I'm very grateful for.:iconhappychinaplz:But, it's interesting that 55 people have viewed it so far. The faces ended up looking a little squished, because of the weird size of the slots they give you. But, I don't think it was too bad.:iconfrancisplz:
Later, we went to the supermarket. Found out they have frozen takoyaki. I was so happy, but remembered it had octopus in it. (I know, I kind of goofed. Considering, I know what tako is.) Therefore, it's not kosher and I couldn't bring it home.:iconwtfukplz:Oh, well. I asked about the fish shaped pastry called taiyaki. The manager of that section, said that those don't usually sell too well and so they don't have it. But, a similar pastry called imagawayaki, does and they had it frozen. So, we grabbed a pack of it. It looks like the pic when fresh. The name comes from the bridge it was first sold under. There's many different type of fillings you can have. Sweet azuki bean paste (aka an) is the most traditional. But, there's custard, fruit preserves, curry, different meat and vegetable fillings, potato and mayonnaise, just to name a few. We got the an one. It has many different names in different areas. And, supposedly was the origin of taiyaki. It's been around for over 200 years. I hope it's good.

We also got some gyoza. And, a jar of tikka masala. It sounded good and easy. We like chicken tikka masala, but I haven't had it from a jar before.

Watched the finale of Konkatsu. It definitely was a feel good ending.:iconsleepygreeceplz: Kuni saves the neighborhood, everybody else took great risks to help. Including the president of the district. Kuni finally marries Haruno at the very end. Also, gets rehired to work at the Declining Birth Rates department. Yuko ended up with Shugoro, since they found out they had so much in common. The whole series really makes you feel good, and it was hilarious! Very good drama overall. The lead actor who played Kuni, Masahiro Nakai, won the Best Actor award at the TV Navi Spring 2009 Drama Awards for his role. 

Oh, I just turned on the Hebrew keyboard a couple of days ago! Now I can type in Hebrew! Go me! שלומ or Shalom! It means hello, goodbye, and peace!

deviantART faves: UK: APH OCs The Red on Santa is Blood Too Much Catnip Peanut Butter Hey Dude..... I did not make these! First, I really like these Hetalia OCs representing the rest of the UK. Nicely done. Better than a lot of others I've seen. Second, a drawing of Sougo, from Gintama, with blood spattered all over him. Very fitting, since he's very violent. Also, it's a quote from the series. Third, a very cute drawing of what happens when you give too much catnip to a cat. Fourth, very tasty looking peanut butter cupcakes. I love peanut butter! Fifth, a cool pic of 2 sparrows playing in water. 

桃ノ花ビラ or Peach Flower Petal by Ai Otsuka:

3 amazing songs from W&Whale performed live! I love Whale's voice!:

A Japanese spoof on TSA Airport Security: 

A tribute to Ai Otsuka:

Hilarious skit!:

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