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By Ai Otsuka. A haunting, eery, yet beautiful song. I didn't like this at first, but I gave it a chance. Now, it's one of my faves.:iconchibihungaryplz:It's about her being terrified of love, yet she 'chases' after it. I think she might be singing about a lover who's recently died too. It's a bit vague, though.:hmm:Here's the vid:

Well, I think this post is going to be short.:iconkikuplz:I've been cleaning most of day. Things like the dishes, my bathroom, laundry, etc.:icontinoplz:

Zettai Reido was just sad. Good, but I feel oddly sorry for the killer. His father was the original serial killer 8 years ago. But, then he had a stroke and couldn't kill anymore. So, he abused his son, and made him do the killings.:iconraivisplz:It was interesting that the only thing that linked all the murders was they were seen walking around the same park. And, they had long black hair. 

I've Been Married to Hell was really funny, yet touching this time.Happy cry (Tears of joy)It was interesting to see her interact with her actual parents. Her mother-in-law helped make both her parents and herself understand each other. I think the mother-in-law knows Kimiko isn't perfect, but she just wants to get to know her more. She has a lot of good intentions, they just end up making the situation harder.:iconwtfromanoplz: 

I'm still working on my horoscope in You Maga. It doesn't sound too good.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:(Like, I'll have bad luck with something.) But, I'll see what the rest of it says. It's kind of a fun thing to work on.

deviantART faves: Mayorin Gingerbread bite Itami the Voodoo Doll I did not make these! First, A hilarious drawing of Toshi from Gintama. That would definitely be his dream right there. He loves mayo a little too much. Second, very cute gingerbread cookies eating a living voodoo doll. I love this artist's style of making seemingly really cute things deadly. Or being twisted in some way. She's one of the ones I watch. Third, it's the 'living' voodoo doll's description. He apparently gets picked on a lot.

An awesome Gintama AMV. Shows you how great their fight scenes are. This also shows the episodes that the movie's based on:

A live performance of Change by Monkey Majik. This time it's without the Yoshida Brothers, and it still sounds awesome!

The ending credits to Konkatsu for the finale. I loved this show, and this gives you just a taste. Plus, the song's catchy too:

The ending credits to Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta! aka I've Been Married to Hell! I'm loving this show so far:

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