Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Night of Hanukkah!


I can't believe it starts tonight!:faint:So not ready for it.:iconkikuplz:We don't even have our decorations up. We have Hanukkah lights (yeah similar to Christmas lights), garland, things that hang, something for the door, sticky stuff in the shape of menorahs and other symbols that clings to windows, etc. It feels even better with some sort of decoration.:iconchibipolandplz: It is after all the Festival of Lights. (Hanukkah actually translates as 'dedication'.) It should be festive.:iconprussiaplz:It's always nice to see the Hanukkah stuff in its own small section at the grocery store.:iconchibisitalyplz:(The fact they recognize it, and they have a big enough population that celebrates it.) They even have a big sign for it.:dummy:We grabbed some instant latke mix. Which I'll probably be the one cooking it this year.:iconberwaldplz:Since, Mom just had her treatment. She can't cook for a week. This is one of my fave holidays.:iconlachoirplz:I love the story of Hanukkah (even though it's pretty bloody. About the Maccabees rebellion, the miracle of the oil lasting so long, etc.), seeing the candles lit in the menorah, the food (latkes, jelly donuts, etc.), playing dreidel, and more.:iconchibispainplz:Not just the presents. Which, I don't think there will be any this year.:iconswissplz:And, what's great about it too, is it lasts for 8 days. Interestingly enough, the story isn't in the Tanach. We eat oily foods to remind us of the miracle of the oil lasting so long. 

Last night I had an awesome dinner!:iconitalyplz:Surprisingly, it was from Wal-Mart. I don't particularly like the place. I got a large chicken caesar salad bowl, some broccoli and cheddar soup, and really good chewy rolls. I loved it all! We also had some of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from before. It's really more chocolate than pumpkin, which makes it even better! And, they're more like muffin tops.:iconchibijapanplz:

I started another Jdrama.:iconyayhanatamagoplz:It's called Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta or I've Been Married to Hell! It's hilarious!:iconenglandispervyplz:The lead actress in Untouchable is also the lead in this one. Kimiko, who's a freelance journalist and loves living in the city, marries into a very traditional Japanese family. They have very strict customs and traditions. Like set times for meals and going to the bathroom, the bride greeting 37 of their neighbors with the mother-in-law but she can't speak, praying to a shrine every time they walk by it, and many others. Makes for some really hilarious moments. The mother-in-law seems to think Kimiko's the perfect wife who has extensive knowledge of traditional Japanese arts. Thanks to her husband telling various lies to make her sound more 'perfect' in his mother's eyes. Kimiko's the exact opposite of what he says. She doesn't know how to cook (he calls her the Queen of the Convenience Store), is sloppy, doesn't have a clue what a shamisen is, etc. I hope it stays just as funny (if not more so) throughout the rest of the series. 

Posted another pic: Rosie It's our new cat! Not sure if it's the best one I have of her. I got some of the alcohol-free Listerine. I hate the original stuff. It dries out my mouth. This actually felt much better, and I didn't feel as dry. So, I'll continue using it and see. 
In O-parts Hunter, for the Olympiad: there are 10 spots for the final stage. A 5 stage preliminary. And, 2 are chosen from each stage. The prelims are supposed to test their spirits. If you use your bare hands, the gem-ball will attack you. Cool fights in the prelims. 

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