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By Monkey Majik. Kind of a fun jazzy tune. Most of their songs have an interesting 'feel' to them. The more I hear their songs, the more I like them.:iconchibihungaryplz:Here's a live performance vid:

Wrote some more of chapter 12. I almost forgot how much fun I have writing this story.:iconlachoirplz:It keeps getting more and more interesting, and there's lots of twists. I'm up to 96 pages in Word.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Wahoo!:dummy:I never thought I would get this far. And, there's still so many ways the story can go. Probably why I'm thinking of making it a series. I played some Mozart. It was funny, I messed up on parts I'm usually good at, and did well with the other stuff. It's like things were switched around or something.:iconromanoplz:So, it wasn't too bad. Just weird. I'm almost done with the sentence from an article I'm working on in the North American Post. I have all the components, just have to put it all together. Then, there's only one more sentence.:phew:

In Afterschool Charisma, the first person Shiro met when he transferred to the school, was the Hitler clone. (Creepy.:iconwtfukplz:) Shiro quickly became friends with Napoleon and Ikkyu. No one wants to be next to Hitler. He's the most hated and detested clone. He's a little too nice. He gave Shiro a sheep shaped charm and said it was the 'Almighty Dolly'. Einstein and Joan of Arc make an appearance. Einstein makes most of the 'charms'. But, Hitler made a perfect one. They're called 'Dolly' after the 1st mammal ever cloned. A lot of the clones basically worship the sheep. Hoping that her luck will rub off on them. The school's going to hold an expo soon. Mozart hung himself. It seemed because he couldn't handle the stress.
In Letter Bee, Zazie was attacked by a Gaichuu and sent to the Hive's hospital. The assumption everyone has of him is, that he's more interested in killing Gaichuu than delivering the letters. The truth is, he tries very hard to deliver his letters on time or early, and so goes through a shortcut that's full of Gaichuu. The letters he had before the attack were left behind, and later found by Lag and Niche. And, they get attacked by the same Gaichuu. Zazie shows up and helps them. He realized it's a mutant and has 2 holes instead of just 1. (Like where their heart is.) So, he couldn't fight it on his own. So, with Lag and Niche they beat it together. Niche's really strong!:iconchibifinlandplz:(In the pic, holding up the Gaichuu.)

I came up with a lot of good ideas for what to draw next. These ideas will be added on to overtime. So, I always have an idea of what to draw.:iconberwaldplz:I might either draw a full body of Ravel (maybe color it), or a full body of Max (might color him too). Max is a skeleton demon. So, that would probably give me more practice on the 'skeleton' of my characters.:iconenglandispervyplz:Those are the most immediate ideas. Then, it's things like landscapes in my story, starting the manga, other characters, more memes, holiday themed with my characters or with symbols, still lifes, manga version of a self-portrait, art contests, and more. It all sounds fun to me!:iconfrancisplz:

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