Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rocket Sneaker


By Ai Otsuka. A nice, fun, and upbeat song. Again, this song's one of the ones that grew on me over time. A lot of her songs seem that way. The lyrics are really trippy, but interesting.:iconseychelles-plz:Here's a vid with part of the song. It's even more trippy than the lyrics:

I posted a pic: Dowtown 1 Probably not the best pic of downtown, but I have more coming up.:iconchibicanadaplz:I was trying to get pics of the old Norwegian-styled buildings. Already had someone fave and comment on it!:dummy:I edited and read what I had for chapter 12. Next time I can start writing again! It's exciting to get back into it!:iconlachoirplz:I know stopping to do character development was important, it just felt funny to not get back to the actual story. Played some Mozart for a change. It's been so long, I was a bit rusty. It wasn't bad though. But, I could do  much better. I'm not used to doing trills anymore.:iconswissplz:I've always loved playing them. I find it a bit strange when they tell you to trill to a sharp or a flat. I liked it, maybe I'll play some more of it tomorrow.:iconthailandplz:Finished with translating a sentence from the North American Post. About halfway through the next sentence. I'll start posting sentences that I've worked on, again, when I start another article. 
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it was on the Wimbledon Effect. Kind of like, if we let them in, they'll take over. Next, was about Japan being a spy heaven. They create chaos by deceiving Japanese society. They do annoying things to 'sabotage' Japan. Like, making out in the library, taking forever to find change at the checkout, a small rock in your shoe, etc. (Paranoid much?)
In Fairy Tail, Lucy finds out that Loke is really a spirit name Leo the Lion. His celestial wizard was Karen Lilica. He killed her and was banished from the spirit world forever. They die if they stay in the human world too long. He's at his limit, being there for 3 years. Natsu and Gray got into another fight in the pic. No one seems to notice Juvia watching them throughout the episode. So sad.

I edited the Bitter slot. Ravel's looking much better already. Not as fuzzy. This slot's going to take a little more time than I expected. But, it's the last one for the flavor meme. Wahoo! 

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