Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crossword Puzzle Day


This was really yesterday, but crosswords are fun.:dummy:I should do at least one later. They keep you sharp.:iconchibiamericaplz:

I haven't been posting lately, because I was trying to catch up on things.:iconhongkongplz:And, yesterday I spent the day in Seattle. We went for Dad's hair appointment. Then, to Frye's for something. Next, to Dad's therapy appointment. And, finally, ate at Pho Tai. I had their chicken teriyaki bowl. It had lots of vegetables along with the chicken and rice. Far better than the last place we ate at for teriyaki.:iconitalyplz:Pho Tai's interesting, because they have things like pho, sweet and sour chicken, General Tso's Chicken, teriyaki, katsu, and lots of other Asian food. There's some 'American' food too. I kind of like that it's a mix like that.:iconchibihungaryplz:And, then we came home late.

On Monday, I posted a pic: Flowers Blooming I finally got to write a little! My newest character finally makes her appearance.:la:It's getting really fun to write. I might finish this chapter soon. 

In Afterschool Charisma, since the assassins want to kill all the clones, they tightened security. The Queen Elizabeth clone thinks it's odd that she'll never have a country or subjects to rule over. (What's the point in other words, to be a 'Queen'.) The Napoleon clone agrees and says he doesn't have an army. The Ikkyu clone doesn't quite measure up to his original. Although, he is a troublemaker. Those 3 relate to how they died. For Elizabeth it was old age. For Napoleon, he was poisoned. For Ikkyu, he repeatedly attempted suicide. They were trying to figure out how they would die if they followed the same 'fate'. It's a little creepy that they have a Hitler character.
I started Zettai Reido or Absolute Zero. It's about a unit called the Special Investigations Office of the Metropolitan Police Department. They try to solve cold cases using DNA analysis and the latest in forensic science. It's a lot like Cold Case. Maybe a little CSI and Bones in there, too.:iconchibicanadaplz:It may be better than Cold Case in my opinion. It's been really good so far.:iconchibispainplz:I like the humor they throw in every once in a while. It's very intense and suspenseful. They show flashbacks, similar to how Cold Case does. The main character even seems like she's there with the victim as it's happening, at some point.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Kind of cool. 

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