Tuesday, December 14, 2010

White Choco


By Ai Otsuka. Another one from her LOVE.IT album. So, it's her bunny alter-ego 'singing' again. The vid's cute, trippy, and funny. It seems like an odd song for me to really like, but it's grown on me.:iconfrancisplz:Here's the vid:

I didn't have time to post yesterday, because we went shopping. Wasn't really expecting to.:iconhongkongplz:I actually found 2 bras that fit!:iconyayhanatamagoplz:I've been wearing them in the wrong way for years. (Sorry, if that's a little too 'personal'.:iconkikuplz:) It took just over an hour for that alone, and went through about 20 different kinds.:iconwthplz:It was almost torture. After that, I finally got some socks and underwear. Haven't had new socks for a long time.:iconusaplz:So, now I'm set with that kind of stuff for a while!:iconchibiamericaplz:

The cats are still fighting almost every night. I hope they resolve it soon.:iconwtfromanoplz:It's getting ridiculous. Tasha looks beat up, and seems to be afraid to go downstairs to eat or go to the bathroom. She does go down eventually, but only if she absolutely has to. She has gotten a lot better the last couple of days, though. 
I started a new drama on Sunday called Tokyo Wankei: Destiny of Love. I usually hate romance shows. But, this is a bit 'unique'. It's a very interesting story. I love how it portrays the cultural differences between Koreans and Japanese. It's about a woman who's a 3rd generation Korean living in Japan. Her father works at the Korean embassy. He wants her to only marry a Korean. Just because her father doesn't approve of her relationship with a Japanese doctor, and his parents don't approve either, he breaks up with her. After feeling upset about her heritage, she decides to join an email dating service. The only message she sends out is: "Please tell me who I really am." Then, says he has to be from the Tokyo Bay area and Japanese. (Which is what Tokyo Wankei means.) Ryosuke, who works at a warehouse at a pier replies to her message. They eventually meet, and have nothing in common, but something keeps bringing them back to each other. Mika (her Japanese name), finds her mother's diary and starts reading from it. She's, eerily, following the same path as her mother. She even says the same words. Her mother fell deeply in love with the Japanese man, but he died in a tragic accident. I hope it doesn't end tragically too.
I tried to start another drama yesterday, but I'm not sure I like what I ended up with. It's called Rinjo. It's very interesting, but has no pizazz or excitement, I guess. It's a bit slow, nothing about it seems really appealing to me. At least, not enough to want to watch it every week. What caught my eye, at first, was its lead actor's the same as in Gonzo. But, even though he's a great actor, the other actors and story were kind of flat. Basically, it's about a forensic's examiner who looks at crime scenes 'differently' than everyone else. He solves the crimes much quicker than the police do. He looks at every single detail, where people usually somehow miss. So, during the weekend, I'll find another to replace it. I'm going to watch more of I've Been Married to Hell! later. That one just seems to be getting funnier and funnier.:iconchibihungaryplz:

I posted a pic: Cool Sky and I really like this one.:iconchibicanadaplz:You can see some of the rays of light poking through the clouds. Already got one fave!:dummy:I also joined a photography club on Anime Forum. Yes, that's it's name.:iconnataliaplz:Not very unique. But, it's still one of the best forums out there. (It's also based in the UK.) Been on it for a little over a year. Anyways, at least this club seems pretty active. Hopefully, I'll like it.:iconchibiaustriaplz:

I also edited and read chapter 11. I'm liking my story even more than before!:la:I'll go over what I have for chapter 12 later. Soon, I'll be able to get back to the actual writing. Makes me happy!:iconhappychinaplz:

In Afterschool Charisma, apparently there's an organization that's assassinating clones, much the same way their originals were. Played some Irish tunes. A couple that were new to me. Wasn't too bad. Next time, I really need to play something else like Klezmer, jazz, etc. It's getting a little old.:iconromanoplz:Worked some more on the North American Post article. I edited and finished the Sweet slot for the meme. Started editing the Bitter slot. This one seems to have gotten really fuzzy. I'll try to salvage it. 

In Hetalia, Japan and America visited each other's fast food restaurants. Japan's large fries serving is much smaller than their American counterparts. America was freaking out a bit. Next, after the battle of Tannenberg, Prussia calmed down in Polish land. He renamed the Teutonic Knights into the Duchy of Prussia. He bumps into Hungary, who's badly wounded. And, he tries to bandage her wounds, but ends up ripping her blouse open instead. And, they just left it at that. A bit awkward, no?

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