Friday, December 3, 2010

Third Night of Hanukkah!


Yay! I finally put some decorations up yesterday.:iconheroamericaplz:One that hangs on the door, that's a menorah inside a star of David. Little sticky cling-on stuff on the upstairs windows. It has some star of Davids, a menorah (where you can add a 'candle' each night), and 'Happy Hanukah' shaped into an arch. Yeah, the Hanukkah part's spelled different than usually is.:paranoid:It's either an error, or it's just another way of writing it. There's so many other ways it can be spelled. Chanukah is a more 'traditional' way.

We're going to have either meatloaf or steak tonight. And, I'm going to try and make some latkes.:iconchibirussiaplz:It's not from scratch, so it's probably way easier. None of the grating, chopping, etc.:iconwtfromanoplz:And we'll probably have asparagus with it. We just bought some cinnamon rolls for dessert. I love cinnamon rolls!:iconitalyplz:

I had moved my therapist appointment a few days ago. But, they put me on a wait-list just in case something opened up sooner. And, lo and behold, they called me this morning.:dummy:We had only an hour and a half before that appointment, but it was doable. It surprised me. I forgot to go over a couple of things that have been really bothering me, but everything we went over was important too. It's hard when you only get an hour.:iconswissplz:The only problem I had (which really wasn't a problem), was one of the receptionists said have a merry Christmas. I normally just grin and say thank you, because the sentiment is kind of nice. But, when it's at a place like that, it makes me feel really uncomfortable.:iconchibilithuaniaplz:It's excluding everyone who doesn't celebrate it. A better way of saying it, is happy holidays. Because that includes pretty much everyone.:iconprussiaplz:Even if you don't celebrate a religious holiday, there's always ones like New Year's eve. 

I posted a pic: White Flowers I like this one. It's nice when it blooms, because it's just outside our house. Pretty. It's interesting to see this pic, since it's not in bloom right now. 

Watched Shinzanmono. It's really interesting to see all the interactions people have with others in that town. I like the roundabout way Kaga investigates. Although, he seems a bit stalker-ish.:iconwtfukplz:Things aren't what they seem there. 

In Shiki, it was really bloody this time, but so much better than the last couple of episodes. Didn't drag as much. Toshio ran a bunch of tests on his wife when she finally 'woke up'. It was almost torture to watch her reactions, but very interesting at the same time. He used all sorts of drugs (morphine, etc.), poisons, cut her up a bit, cut her veins to see what would happen, showing her a statue of the Buddha, ringing a tiny bell, trying to cut open her brain. And at the end, stabbed her repeatedly through the heart with a stake while she was crying out.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:The statue and the bell terrified her. It was crazy! 

Naruto Shippuden had an interesting side story. But, had nothing to do with continuing the main story. It was yet again, a flashback. Although, I like that they did stuff with Jiraiya again. He was awesome. 

I have the JLPT on Sunday. Wish me luck.:iconchibiaustriaplz:Afterwards, we might go to a Japanese restaurant, and/or go to Uwajimaya. Sounds like it will be a nice treat.:iconchibihungaryplz:

deviantART faves: Cup Collab I did not make this! This was a part of a collab showing their ocs in cups filled with some sort of drink. It's kind of cute. The drinks are things like Sprite, rootbeer, water, milk, vodka, bubble tea, whiskey, etc. The ocs look like they really fit their drinks. (If that's possible.) 

Another one from the Maccabeats. This one's a take on One Day by Matisyahu:

A funny Hanukkah flash mob:

Goin' Places by Monkey Majik:

A Yiddish song by Chava Alberstein:

Funny song about what Jews do on Christmas:

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