Thursday, December 2, 2010

Second Night of Hanukkah!


I wasn't able to get decorations up before Hanukkah started. But, I'm determined to do them today.:iconberwaldplz:We almost forgot to light the candles last night.:omg:After the blessings, we sang a song, and then that was it. The new cat was very interested in the lit candles. I wonder what she'll do on the last night?:iconspainplz:On the first night there's only 2 that are lit, and on the last night night there's 9. One's the shamash or 'helper' candle, and it's used to light the others. It's raised higher on the menorah, too. When all the candles are lit, it's quite an amazing sight!:iconchibihungaryplz:Especially when you have a lot of menorahs too. I'm using the old one I always use.:iconswissplz:

I made pot roast (really was pre-cooked), homemade mashed potatoes (with garlic and chives), and carrots for dinner last night. I didn't remember how long the potatoes have to cook before you can mash them. I thought like 5 minutes.:iconusaplz:And, it didn't help that I didn't chop them up into pieces beforehand. But, that's ok. Ended up eating around the time we usually do, so it wasn't a big deal. It was really tasty!:iconitalyplz:I have no idea what I'll make tonight. Wish me luck.:iconchibipolandplz:

I watched Bloody Monday last night. It was just too awesome!:iconchibispainplz:Had to skip an episode, but I got the gist of it. There was a lot of crazy twists and turns. Surprised K is really Mako. I knew Otoya wasn't, because he helped Third-i and Fujimaru way too much. Mako was pretty quiet most of the time. Really surprised she killed (shot 3 times, but he looks like he's a goner) Fujimaru's father. Maya seems to be playing 3 different fields. Working for J, K, and Third-i. She's good. The organization doesn't trust J anymore. Their 'High Priest' was murdered (by Maya). And, supposedly there's something far worse than the Bloody X virus in a 'jewelry box'.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Only J and K know the contents. But, they call it Bloody Monday. This show's only getting better and better with each episode!:dummy:

Tasha and Rosie fought a lot last night. It sounded like an all out brawl. A lot of hissing and knocking into things. I've only seen Rosie so far.:iconraivisplz:I hope Tasha's not too badly beaten up. The other cat still has her claws, so it's kind of an uneven match. She's already scratched Tasha's nose. I hope they work it all this out soon. 

Posted a pic: Boats I kind of like this one, but I know it's not perfect. Played some more Irish tunes. Only made a few mistakes. Surprisingly, they were on ones that come easy to me usually.:iconkikuplz:Finished editing the Sour slot. Only 2 more, and I can put it all together in the meme. 
In Dear, Chiruha's ears pop out while she's taking care of Purina and Komomo. Purina goes into some sort of trance and attacks her. She was possessed by the Lycanthrope mummy again. The mummy just wants to be with his kin. Kisara told the others that they have to explain who they are at a dinner party. Doesn't trust them around Chiruha. Chiruha's just oblivious to what's going on. It was like watching a fireworks show when they were finding out about each other. Funny and very amusing. They talk things out peacefully and make a pact. To never tell anyone about Chiruha, and to cooperate and find a way to cure the Lycanthrope's curse together. Kisara didn't agree with it, and said they probably couldn't cure his immortality. Which made Chiruha pissed. Chiruha and Kisara later talk it out, and she persuades him that he'll be happier if he was cured. (In pic: Komomo, Subaru, Chiruha, Kisara, Purina, Kurenai, and Carol.) 

Really funny song about Hanukkah:

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