Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to Lithuania


By InCulto. This one's kind of a fun song.:iconchibicanadaplz: It's about their country. There's only a few parts I'm not so sure about. This is one of the ones I found yesterday. It's the same band that was selected to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision 2010 contest. Supposedly, the band's going to try to represent their country again, with this song next year. (That's what I gathered. Could be wrong.:shrug:)

According to the crazy holiday listing I found, today's National Baby Boomers Recognition Day. :party: My parents are Baby Boomers, so I guess it's a day for them. :iconchibisitalyplz: It was pretty cold today again. :iconbrothercanadaplz: The forecast says it might be around 70 the next couple of days. I'll believe it when I see it. :icongermanyplz: Played some of the same Irish tunes as before. Just trying to improve on them. Sounded and felt really good. :iconsleepygreeceplz: When it sounds good, it kind of sucks you in. You just want to keep playing. :iconberwaldplz: Maybe tomorrow will be even better! :iconchibihungaryplz: I posted chapter 9 on one of my fave forums. We'll see what they think about it. They seem to comment more over there. :iconswissplz: I'm still working on the next sentence for the grill's manual. Almost done with it, though.

In Kuroshitsuji, they arrive at the curry contest. Agni's curry entry is called: Blue Lobster and 7 Types of Curry. Everybody, loves it. Sebastian's curry entry: The Curry Doughnut. It's like a giant deep-fried bun made out of naan, with the curry as feeling. Looked funny at first, then when they opened it, it actually looked really good. I wouldn't mind trying that if it was real. They loved it too. In fact, towards the end they said Agni and Sebastian tied for 1st place. But, someone took the trophy and said it wasn't over yet. 
In Hetalia, it was France, Prussia, and Spain against Austria. (They're in the pic. They're also called the Bad Friends Trio.) Austria thought he could trust England. He was defeated in the first battle, and England went neutral and told him he went off to fight France. Hungary joins forces with Austria. She joined, because Theresa begged her to. With Hungary's help they halted the invasion. She's pretty awesome at fighting! Don't want to get on her bad side. The war ended with the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle and Prussia running off with Silesia. 
In Letter Bee, no one knows who's at the highest rank, Head Bee, they just take orders from him. Gauche and Lag meet some pretty weird creatures on the way to Cambel. Lag's mom was taken to Akatsuki, and you can't get there unless you have a permit. Since Gauche told him they aren't really friends, Lag steals his gun and plan's to bust through the bridge. Gauche saves him from a Gaichuu Bucker, and they work together to defeat it. Lag has an artificial eye with one of the spirit bugs inside. (He didn't know what it really was. It's in the pic.) Lag's mom said the red stone was used to cure a disease he had when he was born. She told him not to tell anyone. Lag kills the Bucker on his own. Afterwards, Gauche passes out from his wounds. So, Lag carries him on his back all the way to his aunt Sabrina's place and takes care of him. (Where Lag was supposed to be 'delivered'.) When he's up, he asks for Sabrina to stamp and sign the delivery. She throws him out saying he was heartless, after what Lag did for him. After Lag finds him again, Gauche finally calls him his friend. Then, Lag says he wishes to become a Letter Bee just like Gauche, as he leaves. 5 years pass, and he sets out on his journey to become a Letter Bee, and find his mother and Gauche. 

I played Tower of Doom again. I won the game, and took over the entire island. :iconprussiaplz:There was an extra survival mode island. It was pretty lame though. :iconpolandplz:

For drawing, I finished Loathe's wings. Also, started inking him in red. He's looking pretty interesting so far. 

deviantART fave: Happy Canada Day I did not make this! A funny comic featuring Canada and America from Hetalia. Kind of sad, too. Poor Canada. 


  1. awww, i hate it when the extra levels lame!!! you get all excited and then... nothing Xp

  2. Yeah, exactly! It's such a let down. >.<