Sunday, June 13, 2010

La La La, It's Love!


By The Melody. At first I wasn't sure what to make of this one. But, it's grown a lot on me. And, now I love it! :iconchibicanadaplz:It's also from the Coffee Prince OST. Which is a Korean drama. This is the opening theme. I've looked at some info on the show, and it looks interesting enough to watch. Even though, I'm mostly interested in J-drama for obvious reasons. :iconkikuplz:

Well, I went to services again! Wahoo! :iconchibipolandplz:It's becoming a habit again. (I used to go every time we had services, years ago.) This time our cantor led it. She told us about what she learned at a conference for Jewish musicians. She met some really famous people, sang all day long everyday, and came up with some new ideas for our congregation. New songs, saying the Birkat Hamazon more often (prayers after we eat, to give thanks), getting the kids more involved through teaching songs at the school, and more. I like Birkat Hamazon, so that would be really nice. I'm surprised the kids at the school haven't learned very many songs. We had them drilled into our heads when I was in Sunday school. :iconchibirussiaplz:But, then again, I've heard the school's been pretty messed up lately. :iconchibijapanplz:It was a pretty nice service. There was barely a minyan. In order to have a full Torah service, we have to have at least 10 Jews show up. We can't count the non-Jews who come every once in a while. We can count the Torah itself as one Jew, if it gets close. Some communities object to that though. I find it kind of funny, but a nice fail safe. :iconchibiamericaplz:

It was also my dad's b-day. In case you didn't know, he's transgendered. (And will be living as a woman full-time soon. It's a bit complicated.) So, we got him a vanity mirror. Then, we went out shopping. Went to Old Navy for the first time. I heard their clothes were good, and they looked nice in their ads. The clothes were ok, but the decor... It looked like someone puked up bright colors everywhere.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:I felt like I was going to throw up. It was so intense and the music was blaring, I had to get out of there pretty quickly. Next, we went to Sears. I started feeling a lot better there, seeing the more 'subdued' colors. Nice break. :iconheroamericaplz:

Next, we went to Hakata. Which is an awesome Japanese restaurant! :iconhungaryplz:I think this one and Maneki's are the only ones I like in this area. The others are just horrible. We ordered a sushi sampler for an appetizer, like we sometimes do. I only like the tekka (tuna) and kappa (cucumber) ones in their sampler. With every dinner, you get pickled bean sprouts and miso soup. I love their bean sprouts!:iconfrancisplz: Their miso soup isn't the best though. Very bland. Tastes like there isn't any dashi, and very little actual miso. I got my fave, the chicken teridon. Chicken teriyaki rice bowl. So good! :iconitalyplz:I love their rice too! Oh, and I used chopsticks for the first time on the chicken. I can't believe I actual got the hang of it finally! :iconmochiplz:When I was much younger I just hated the idea of chopsticks. Plus, I wasn't very patient. So, it was nice to finally get it. Now, I have to practice with more things. :iconeestiplz:For dessert, I had fried icecream Japanese style. It's vanilla icecream enveloped by cake, and that's fried in tempura batter. It's good stuff! :iconchibispainplz:I also like it Mexican style, which is slightly different. I love how you can watch the head chef as he works. That's always fun. He's not flashy about it, but it's nice to see. 

After that, we went to Joanne's. I got a wooden male mannequin or model for drawing. It will help me see the proportions in 3D. I can bend him in different directions to see what certain poses look like too. I thought he was way too twisted at first, and that there might be something wrong with it. :iconchibifinlandplz:But, after getting used to it and working with it, it was fine. The only thing I don't think it can do is have the legs wide apart. So, if I want my character standing with his legs wide apart, I'll have to figure that on my own. :iconlietplz:I really think it's a good tool though. I also got a cool pencil sharpener for my colored pencils. I tested it already, and it works great.

We also saw the Lovely Bones. Very trippy, but a good movie. I liked the artistic elements in the 'inbetween' world. Really cool looking.:iconchibihungaryplz:The idea was interesting too. Had a pretty good ending also. I like movies where the murderer gets his comeuppance. They made him extremely creepy, too. 

Today, I watched part of NHK's Gymnastic's Cup. It was amazing! :iconchibiaustriaplz:Mom went to the annual meeting for our congregation. People want things run a bit differently. After hearing a little about it through her, I'm thinking maybe I should be even more active. :iconchibinitalyplz:Maybe even try to plan things. I don't think I can be on the board, since I'm not a paying member, but I could do other things. I don't know, we'll see. :iconusaplz:We also went to Joanne's and picked up the stuff I talked about before. We didn't have the coupons yesterday, so we had them hold everything and came back today. 

Hilarious Japanese ad:

A funny Chinese Mentos ad:

A weird, and oddly funny game from China:

Poor corn cobs:

The Eastern European Funk music video. This was the song entry from Lithuania by InCulto for Eurovision this year. I'm starting to really like it. Maybe more than the song that won the contest from Germany.

So much like how Buster used to play:

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