Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daijoubu Da Yo

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By the Funky Monkey Babys. It basically means: It's Ok. It has a very fun, summer, and reggae type feel. I couldn't find much info on them. :iconwhoareyouplz: Other than: they're a trio, they tend to merge a few genres together (hip hop, reggae, rock, etc.), they formed in 2004, their debut album came out in 2006, and their second album in 2007 was a top ten hit. I guess they're still kind of new. I love the way they sound. I'll have to find more of their songs! :iconberwaldplz:

It's actually warming up a bit. Wahoo! :iconyaykumajiroplz: Oh, and today's apparently Chocolate Eclair Day. :iconeclairplz: Eclairs are awesome!:iconchibifranceplz: I didn't know they were so awesome that they got their own holiday! :iconheroamericaplz: I started writing chapter 11. I'm experimenting a bit with this one too. :iconchibiaustriaplz: I also started a stamp collection on dA. Since I don't have a subscription, I found some plz account ones. I'm adding them to my deviantID: profile Go check them out! I played some Irish tunes. Did a few mistakes, but overall, sounded pretty good. Tomorrow I'll improve even more! :iconchibirussiaplz: My computer spent about an hour checking and fixing errors. After that, I had problems with my internet connection. :iconchibienglandplz: So, I would've posted this way sooner than this. :iconpolandplz: Also, I watched Ando Natsu yesterday. It was another emotional, but nice one.
In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, they were talking about comparing things to their standard versions. Eventually, like they always do, they exaggerated a bit and used rulers to help 'measure' these comparisons. One to measure the belongings of the children, compared to the belongings of the house. Since the substitute teacher thinks he's never truly in despair, he quits. The 'sash' that says substitute teacher gets passed around 13 times. The 13th time goes to Nozomu. (Their original sensei. Kind of fitting since he's a bit superstitious and believes 13 is bad luck.)
I finished a sentence of the grill's manual, and started another. I'll definitely have to go over this one again later. I get it, but I don't quite have it translated right in English. 製品を落としたり鍋等重いものを製品にのせたりしないでください。(Seihin o otoshitari nabe tou omoi mono o seihin ni nosetari shinai de kudasai.) Please, if product's falling, and the pan's heavy, don't try to pick it up immediately.
In Kuroshitsuji, they finally got to the curry arc. Almost done with this in the manga. Nice to see it in action though. I like Soma, so far. He's just as funny as he was in the manga. I think this story in the anime has been better put together than the manga. I love how the cultures, English and Indian, seem to be clashing, and soon they'll start to understand each other. (Soma's in the pic above.) 

I played Flourish. It's a point and click game. Cute, but extremely bizarre. :iconwtfukplz:Eventually, you get everything to make music and there's a disco ball. It kind of defies explanation.:iconwtfromanoplz: Then, I played Football Association by Minoto. I love Minoto games!:iconchibihungaryplz: This one was World Cup themed. Like always it was cute, funny, weird, and short. At the end someone kicks the rabbit all the way to the moon with a soccer ball. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: That's how crazy Minoto games are. 

I got most of Loathe inked in red. Just has his right wing and some extra feathers coming off left. His tail was a bit of a pain to ink.

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