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By Kagrra. It's Dice in English. It's an amazing and kind of addicting song. I don't  know why, but I can listen to it all day. :iconusaplz: It's very upbeat, and makes you want to dance. The band originally started with the name CROW in 1998. After becoming successful they changed their name and record label. They changed it to Kagrra in 2000. It's a deliberate misspelling of the word kagura which is a traditional Japanese dance. It means Music of the Gods. They added a comma at the end (Kagrra,) in 2003 to symbolize the dark side of Yin and Yang. Kind of cool. They're a visual kei band, too. 

I almost forgot to mention, yesterday was Flag Day. It's a day to celebrate our flag. :flagus: Usually, we put our flag outside next to our porch, but we forgot this time. So sad! :iconsadrussia: Some places hold parades and events. 

Today was kind of cold and rainy. It was weird because one minute it would be downpouring, the next it was clear. :iconchibirussiaplz:Someone already faved chapter 10 of Alliance! Makes me happy, even if they didn't leave a comment. :iconkikuplz:I also posted a pic: Coconuts It was one of the coconut trees we saw at Veteran's Park in Florida. It was cool that I got to see the clusters of coconuts up close. I'm still amazed at how many different palms there were. :iconfrancisplz: The same person who faved the chapter, also faved my pic. This is the first one that has my signature. Hopefully it doesn't look too crappy. :iconbrothercanadaplz: I played some Irish tunes. Seems that I'm a little rusty after not playing for a couple of weeks. :icontinoplz: Some songs went and sounded good, some I just wasn't used to anymore.:iconsleepygreeceplz: That just means I'll have to practice some more tomorrow. :iconaustriaemoteplz:Usually, it doesn't take too long to bounce back. Oh, and I'm still in the process of finishing another long sentence from the grill's manual. I've got all the components, I just have to put it all together in a coherent sentence. 

In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, they talked about going on a journey to self-discovery. Pretty much was like the anime. Then it was Houjoue, a Buddhist ceremony of releasing captive animals. It's also a day where you overlook mistakes and slip-ups from others. Kafuka thinks it should be a lifestyle in Japan, and said it would be called 'ignoring-life'. Chiri goes crazy and labels everything and everyone with pics of who 'made' them. With people, it would be their parents. Kafuka took this a step further and said everyone's a child of G-d. Japan has over 8 million gods. Not everyone was created by same G-d. (According to her.) She starts slapping pics of gods to people's backs with the saying 'I made it'. She views the world a little to oddly. 
Hetalia was kind of boring this time. Didn't think I'd ever say that. It could be because there wasn't much action. It was about Austria and Prussia. (Austria's in the pic above.) Prussia started a war with him, because he couldn't accept the Archduchess Maria Theresa. (Mainly, because she was a woman. In his mind only men could have such a high title.) It was 1740, and as they said, one word that would describe Europe at this time: chaos. They also said it would be 100 more years before Italy could see the dawn of unification. He was still under the control of Austria and the Hungarian Empire. 
Now, Kuroshitsuji was awesome! The dolls are controlled by music. They plan to make Ciel into a puppet out of gold and silver. The puppetmaster, Drocell, is a puppet himself. He's made out of wheat. (He's in the pic.) The reason why his 'master' wanted to kidnap the girls and turn them into dolls, was so they will stay innocent and beautiful forever. He wants Ciel to kill himself, so he can get rid of his 'uncleanliness'. They save Elizabeth. And, they throw a birthday party for Ciel. He almost smiled at the end. 

I played Penguin Escape- Back to Antarctic. The penguin has to escape the tropics through different block puzzles. Stopped at level 14, because I lost interest. Next, Grandfather Flower. It's a Japanese escape/point and click game. It was cute. At the end you make the sakura tree bloom. (Kind of trippy actually.) I also played Gravity Football 2. It's game based on the World Cup. You get to play the countries. I decided my team would be England, because it was one of the strongest teams on there. (Not sure how accurate that is in real life.) I beat the US, Algeria, Slovenia, Ghana, and Greece. Got to the second to last match and lost against the Netherlands. They were tough! So, I finished 3rd. 

Instead of coloring Zero, I decided to work on drawing Loathe. I'm really liking the way I drew his head so far. :iconheroamericaplz: I might add more feathery things. I didn't really now how I wanted it, and experimented a bit. :iconberwaldplz: Also, worked a little on his wings, which seemed a bit off at first. I just need to figure out how I want his legs and tail. 

deviantART faves: Style meme Emotional Levels meme Eng vs USA The first 2 are some great memes I hope to fill out soon on my oc's. The last is a pretty well drawn England vs USA World Cup match Hetalia style. 

A cute cat plays in a kotatsu:

A cute Beagle puppy:

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