Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There Will Be Love There ~Ai Aru no Basho~


By the Brilliant Green. Ai Aru no Basho means A Place Where There's Love. About love is always waiting for you, and someday you'll find that special person. It's a good song. The Brilliant Green were named in Time Magazine's 10 Best Bands on Planet Earth, alongside U2 and Radiohead. :iconchibicanadaplz:Really an awesome band! 

My computer decided to have a ton of updates as soon as I was shutting it down last night. 21 to be exact! :iconchibienglandplz:It was on with that blue screen until 2:30. It's in my bedroom, so I couldn't sleep until it was done.:iconchibijapanplz: I tried, but couldn't. I eventually fell asleep after that, but I sure wasn't going to get up at my normal time. (Which is 7, by the way.:iconchibirussiaplz:) So, obviously had a very late start. It was pretty nice out, but it looks like we're going to have a thunderstorm soon. I already heard a little thunder, and the temp is going down drastically. 

I finished 2 sentences, so now I'm done with half of the manual. :iconchibiamericaplz:I'm working on a very long sentence on the second half. It seems to not have an end. :iconwtfukplz:使用中、まれに食材の油がレンジに落ちて炎を発する場合があります。(Shiyouchuu, mare ni shokuzai no yu ga renji ni ochite honoo wo hatsu suru baai ga arimasu.) It's a rare situation for the oil from the ingredients to drip into the stove and make a fiery blaze. その場合はすみやかに火を消してください。(Sono baai ha sumiyaka ni hi wo keshite kudasai.) Please, in that situation extinguish the fire quickly.:iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

In Fairy Tail, there was a new opening and ending song. I think I liked them more than the ones before. Gray's teacher or master, Ul, was the one who sealed the demon Deliora with an Ice Shell spell. Supposedly, nothing can melt the ice. When Lucy gets bored with waiting in the cave, she summons Lyra. She's a harpist and singer, and has the power to sing songs that reflect what's in people's hearts. Was a very pretty song. The light from the moon is being collected and they're shining it on Deliora. The spell is called Moon Drip. They plan to use Moon Drip to resurrect the demon. It's the only magic that can melt the ice. It has the power to undo any magic. The 'curse' was just a side-effect of it. The person behind all this is named Lyon, and he was a student of Gray's master too. They start an awesome fight using just ice magic. Erza's on her way, saying she's going to 'punish' the rule breakers. Lyon wants to bring back Deliora so he can do what Ul couldn't, defeat it. (Although, I kind of consider freezing it in a glacier that can't melt, pretty much defeating it.) 

deviantART faves: June 12, 2010 APH- Fusion Love is Purple APH- Wish I did not make these! First, a Fifa World Cup poster, with America and England from Hetalia. Kind of cool. Second, Russia and Latvia doing the fusion thing. I think it's kind of a play on what I've seen in some anime. Only, Latvia disappears. It's a funny comic. Third, an awesomely drawn oc. She's very well drawn. Fourth, a hilarious comic featuring Hong Kong and England again. I like the "and that's how England became a pirate" at the end. Wish is a hand symbol Hong Kong does. Nobody really knows why. Supposedly, he appears in the manga, which I haven't read. I don't think he's appeared in the anime. I think from what I've seen I'd really like his character. 

A hilarious ending for Gintama, with Elizabeth and the Justaway at the beach. (I don't think it was an actual ending. Can't remember, the series is so long.)

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