Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Wish You Love


By Lisa Ono. This song has had many other recordings. It was originally by Charles Trenet and was in French. The English version was by Albert A. Beach. It has a slightly different meaning in English, then the French, but still has the same feel. (Oddly.) Some of the other recordings were by: Chet Baker, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Bette Davis, Benny Goodman, and many more. It has a very jazzy feel. I love the way she sings it! :iconchibihungaryplz: She was born in Brazil, but moved to Japan when she was 10. Apparently, every 6 months she spent time in either Brazil or Japan. That would've been very interesting. Especially, with the 2 cultures merging together. She's a bossa nova singer.

I got up late yet again. :icongermanyplz:Really clean sheets and pillows have the effect of putting me to sleep for a long time. :sleep:Also, I heard those annoying birds again. Only this time there were new chirps on top of the others. So, now there are more birds to wake me up. Wahoo! :iconchibienglandplz:So, losing a little sleep over that combined with something that's almost like a tranquilizer to me, is a wonderful combo. :iconchibirussiaplz: It was a bit cooler and darker today. I guess it's better than the downpour we had last night. 

I got another awesome comment today on my story! :icondanmarkplz: He said that chapter 8 definitely had a different feel, and that I'm divulging more into my characters' inner selves. Also, that he liked it, and it was truly a pleasure to read. Wahoo! :iconw00tplz:Makes me happy! That was one of the chapters I really experimented with, so I'm glad to see some people liked it. 

Also, I joined 3 groups on dA. I'm waiting approval for a 4th. I wanted some groups to really showcase my story. They also have sections where I can submit some of my pics and drawings too. So, 3 more for those things too. Hey, it's one way to get noticed. So far it's these groups::icontheoriginalwriters::iconpotent-originality::icontheocgroup: Go check them out, by searching or by looking at my profile:rcmacdonald  :eager: Hopefully I'll get more comments and such on my stuff. I do have a lot of other good groups, but none of them really showcase any literature. 

 I finally finished a freakishly long sentence from the grill's manual.:iconwtfukplz: I started another, also. もち等、網にくっつきやすい食材を持ち上げる時は、網がトレーから外れないように、トングや箸等で網をおさえながら持ち上げてください。(Mochi tou, ami ni kuttsu kiyasui shokuzai wo mochi ageru ji ha, ami ga toree kara hazurenai youni, tongu ya hashi tou de ami wo osae nagara mochi agete kudasai.) Similar usage, with netting using frequently used ingredients the durability will increase over time. Netting from tray should not be out of place. While using the grill, keep checking with things like tongs and chopsticks please. I also looked at the JLPT's website to see when they will start registration for the test in December. They said they'll announce when it will begin in early July. So, they won't tell us when until then. I think last year they started it in August. 

deviantART fave: The Esteemed Steambot I did not make this! This is made by another awesome artist that I watch. She's extremely good! This was for an exhibition featuring works with a retro-futurist theme. Or as she explains, the future as people from the past might imagine it. It's very cool looking. 

The Hetalia World Series ending. So glad it's not Marukaite Chikyuu like it was for the other 2 seasons. You know, it gets old. I think I like this one, too, even if it doesn't seem to be as catchy.
A Hetalia version of PoPiPo:
A fun Eurovision song with Hetalia:
Cute Beagle puppies:
A version of what the story behind Len and Rin is.

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