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From the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Best CD. It's Dragonfly in English. It sounds very cute, and sort of a sweet tune. But, it's rather stalker-ish. :iconusaplz:It was both Kiri and Matoi's character song for the first series. Matoi is a stalker of Nozomu, and is always around him. Shows up in the weirdest places. :iconbrothercanadaplz:Kiri I think fell in love with him when he told her she was beautiful, and has never left the school since. :icontinoplz:If you don't know the lyrics, it's not as creepy and is very upbeat. I love it still, not only because it's a great song, but I think because it's part of the quirkiness of the anime. 

Wahoo! I went to services again! :iconchibicanadaplz:That's the 5th time in a row! Sorry, I just wasn't going very often before. :iconcrazyginplz:Plus, my mom led this one. We had about 20 people show up! Wow!That's almost twice what the Rabbi draws in for a normal service. Pretty awesome! (Oh, and a little technical thing, I said last week there were 3 feet of pheasants, it was 3 feet of quail. To me, it's not a big deal, but to others it might?) We actually had some of the guys come. It's nice to hear both the men's voices and the women's kind of blend. :sing:Often times there's maybe one guy who shows up. The songs and prayers sound even more awesome that way too. :iconchibiamericaplz:We had someone play the piano and help sing with my mom, so that was nice. Also, we usually feel the Rabbi leaves out too much, and wants to explain every detail. (It's almost like he talks to us like we're little kids, and his views are odd.) With Mom doing it, we were able to do everything and had less explaining. It was nice. Felt more smooth too. :iconeduardplz:The D'var was good, too. A lot of people told her she did a good job, and wow, you actually did such and such. 

I also got a new watcher on dA! I'm so happy! :dummy: One of his memes that I looked at was awesome, which I'll get to later. I now have 21 of them! Wow! It's almost like having 21 stalkers, the way they word it on dA. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz:

Then, that night we watched Ink. I didn't particularly care for it. :iconchibijapanplz:Interesting concept and seemed pretty original, but again, it just didn't appeal to me. It had some steam-punk elements in it. If done right, I love steam-punk, but I don't think that was done right. The little girl in it was cute, though.:iconchibitaliaplz:I'm also not very into the feeling down through most of the movie, movies. :icongermanyplz:The ending was nice and happy. 

Well, today was just bizarre! :iconginblinking:I had so many things planned! First, there was something really weird with my contacts. They seemed to be in the wrong eyes, so I switched them. When I did that, one would be absolutely crystal clear, the other so fuzzy I felt like it wasn't even in. :iconchibienglandplz:So, I took them out, rinsed them, put them back in, moved them around, dabbed at them; but nothing was working. :iconchibigermanyplz:So, I switched them again, it was blurry again. Eventually, they became very clear. I don't know what their issues were, but it's ok now. :iconkikuplz:

Next, the internet connection was horrible. I'd only get maybe 5 minutes online at a time and it would tell me 'connection failed!' So, I turned everything off and back on again, which sometimes works. Didn't this time. Then, magically after it being down for about 2 hours it would come back on. Then 5 minutes later, out. It was like this ALL day! :iconlietplz:Only in the last couple of hours has it been 'stable'. 

While that was going on, I spent a while trying to figure out my signature for my pics. Now, I thought maybe I'd decide on something and start putting it on them. No such luck. :iconginfacepalmplz:I finally decided on what it will be, but I narrowed it down from about 12 fonts to 6 font types. That's not bad, but why couldn't I have decided on a stupid font! Maybe tomorrow.

Also, I tried to burn a couple of CD's with the songs I found. That actually worked! :iconchibirussiaplz:I now have about 1/3 of my playlist on CD. I think it will take like 3 or 4 more to catch up to where I am now. By then, I might have even more. It's a never ending cycle! 

We went to the store and I got some new headbands. It was really nice since mine were starting to come apart, and it looks rather wild when I don't have one on. :icontinoplz:(Of course, not as wild as without a hair tie thingy, but that's different.) We also got a new deodorant for me. I'm apparently, allergic to certain deodorants, so it's kind of hard to find one that works. Eczema not very fun in that area. Only found out when I had surgery on my arm from my dermatologist. I usually love those fragrant ones, but they told me that might be what I'm allergic to. Fun fun! :iconannoyedgin-plz: We thought the last one would work since it had no fragrance and said it was 'all natural'. It didn't, but didn't pay attention to it until the last couple of weeks when it was getting bad. This one seems even more natural. It's got a bunch of pomegranate stuff (essence, juice, etc.), water, and a special salt; that's pretty much it. Not sure if it will be good at being an actual 'deodorant', but we'll see. Plus, I love pomegranate fragrance! :iconchibihungaryplz: Also, it's supposedly the most recommended by doctors for their cancer patients. Interesting. By the way, this is like the 3rd time trying to finish this post. Because, the internet was out a couple of times. Reinstalled Linksys, and it seems a lot better. We have ignition! 

deviantART faves: You're toys in my hand Emote Expression Meme Oc Character Meme Blank Happy B-day Guys colored I did not make these! First, Russia from Hetalia with some of the other countries as his Matryoshka dolls. Creepy, but cool looking. Some of the countries are in traditional dress. Second, a really nice blank emote meme. Will help with developing my characters' emotions a bit more. Also, looks fun. Third, an awesome character meme. You introduce 3 of your oc's at the same time. Their names, bad habits, fave foods, hair, secrets, how these characters would act in the same room. Fun stuff like that. This was by the person who became my newest watcher. Awesome! Last, is in celebration of Sweden and Denmark's birthdays from Hetalia. Also, has Iceland, Norway, and Finland in the background. Very fun drawing. 

One of my fave songs, Jai Ho, combined with Hetalia. What could be better? 

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