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By Analog Fish. It's on the Naruto OST and was the 10th ending theme. An awesome rock song! :iconheroamericaplz: The band was formed in 1999. 2 of them knew each other from school and frequently sang and made music together. The 3rd member joined in 2002. Their first album was in 2003, and only a few months later, released the second album.:iconchibifinlandplz:They are constantly promoting their music while going on tours and performing at rock festivals. I love the way they sound.:iconchibicanadaplz:Have to find more of their songs. :iconberwaldplz:

Today was another cold one.:iconbrothercanadaplz: I hope it gets warm soon! :iconkikuplz: I posted another pic on dA: Close Up of Coconuts This was one of the best pics I took of a cluster of coconuts still on the tree. Check it out! :eager: I also posted 3 pics to my fave forum. I also played some more Irish tunes. It sounded and felt pretty good. :iconspainplz:I'm almost done with another sentence from the grill's manual.

In Dear, there was more of an explanation on Subaru's hand, and how Komomo met him. Komomo had thought she could easily defeat the demon lord (Subaru) and get the reward. Like she is now, she was very poor and needed the money. As soon as she rushed at him with her sword, he hugged her and said she was cute. Somehow, they ended up travelling together. His right hand is the 'Lycanthrope' that's been passed down for generations by the demon lords. It feeds on human life, but he's been fighting the impulse. Because of this, it's having a rejection reaction. It can become fatal. So, they decide they have to go to an island if they want him 'cured'. (They have to take a boat.) In order to go, Komomo has to find a way to get the money for the tickets. She decides to sign up for a competition for just female heroes. She wins, but only because Subaru was in the crowd and threw a coin at her. She heard the sound, and ducked trying to find it. Also, her dog Ume eats clothes and throws them up for her. He also joined the animal's division for the competition. Won by eating the other opponent. They earned more than enough for the tickets.

In Naruto Shuppiden, Naruto's training without knowing that Konoha needs him. There's already so much destruction. Pain was collecting corpses for a while. When the frog sage was trying to merge with Naruto, he was immediately rejected by the Kyuubi. One of the Pains finds Shinzune and the others. They are trying to figure out the identity of Pain. She found them because Shinzune was holding the chakra receiver. Shizune, Ino, and Inoichi go off to a safer place to compile the data. Ibiki and the Anbu Black Ops battle Pain. Ibiki tries to torture her, but nothing gets through to her. (He's the master of torture and interrogation.) She tells him that he doesn't know the true meaning of pain. Then, summons a giant bird inside his stomach. It comes out and he survives, but is in great pain. She summons more creatures, that quickly rampage through the village. This arc has become pretty epic, to say the least. :icondanmarkplz:

Then, I played Tower of Doom. It's a fun and addicting TD. I might go back to it. :iconusaplz: You have to defend the tower while it's collecting enough energy to do a destruction spell. This spell wipes out an entire nation. :iconchibichinaplz:

I figured out and drew most of Loathe's tail, and lower body. Almost done with drawing him. After that, I'll ink him in red, and start coloring things. I'm really liking it so far. :iconchibisitalyplz: Hopefully, the end product will be good too.

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