Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! ^_^


Happy Father's Day to a great dad! :iconchibiamericaplz: Hope all the dads out there had a great one too! We got Dad an organizer for his jewelry. Got him a fitting card too. :iconchibicanadaplz: (Pretty soon I'll have to use she instead of he. That part's a little confusing for me. :iconchibijapanplz:) It wasn't a good day weather wise. So cold, dark, and rainy! :iconlietplz:

On Friday night we went to the Shabbat service. There was a really good turn out!:iconchibinitalyplz: Maybe the board will realize this, and schedule more Shabbat evening services? :iconchibirussiaplz: It would be really nice. The only thing I didn't care for, was the Rabbi's speech towards the end. I didn't agree with him throughout most of it. :iconchibigermanyplz: But, hey, at least we had a service! There were people who I haven't seen in a long time. Plus, a new person. I feel like I had forgotten what a normal Friday night service was like.:iconkikuplz:

Yesterday, I went to the morning service. We barely had a minyan. :iconamericasadchibiplz:(Have to have at least 10 Jews in order to have a Torah service.) Our cantor led it again. She wanted us to sit in a circle. One person couldn't because he has health problems. Another came in late. But, everyone else was in the circle. We took turns at reading poems, prayers, and parts of the portion. It was a more cozy and friendly atmosphere than it usually is. :iconchibihungaryplz: It was nice that we read some of the poems, that we just skip over in a normal service. The imagery's always amazing in those. :iconchibispainplz:

I watched Bambino. Supposedly, he had his last day working at the restaurant. I'm only half way through the series. So, he's got to go back. :iconusaplz: As a farewell, he made a pasta dish for the employees. They actually loved it. Some even went back for seconds. This series seems to be getting funnier and funnier. :iconspainplz:

My dad was trying to help my grandpa with his computer today. (He lives on the other side of the country, so it was all by phone.) While that was going on, he mentioned defragging. I realized immediately, that I couldn't remember the last time I defragged my computer. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz: So, I did. It's been running a lot smoother. I just have to remember to do it more often.:iconbrothercanadaplz: I also watched History of the World Part 1 by Mel Brooks. I love that movie! :iconchibifranceplz: It's such a classic. In fact, I love almost every movie Mel Brooks has made. So, it was nice they had a marathon of his movies. Wish I had seen it sooner. I would've watched another one. :iconswissplz:

I searched for weird and fun holidays. Simply for fun. :icondanmarkplz: I might even list the holidays I found for each day, when we hit them. There are many month-long holidays this month: National Dairy Month, National Rose Month, Aquarium Month, Candy Month, Adopt-A-Cat Month, Gay Pride Month, and National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. Craziness! :iconheroamericaplz: I knew about 2 of them (Gay Pride Month and Adopt-A-Cat Month), but the others sound kind of odd. Kind of interesting at the same time. Stay tuned, to see the daily ones.:eager:

I found a few more awesome songs! Must get more though! :iconberwaldplz: It isn't even past 1% on my player. 

deviantART faves: This is Why I Write StupidHula Help Me Nee-Chan APH- Red Scare Lost The Only Thing Left To Do APH- Totino's Pizza Rolls I did not make these! First, a nice piece of poetry. It's my first piece of Literature that I faved. Second, a funny drawing of 3 of the characters from the comic StupidFox. They're Hula dancing. Third, a funny drawing with Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine from Hetalia. Belarus is demanding Russia to marry her, like always. Fourth, a funny political comic about the Red Scare and McCarthyism. Fifth, an amazing drawing of a cool landscape. Also by an awesome artist! Check her stuff out! I'm one of her watchers. Sixth, a funny computer 'warning' based off of Hetalia. It's awesome if you're a fan. Ends with the only option to deal with this problem is to become one with Russia. Last, is a funny comic with America and Italy from Hetalia talking about Totino's Pizza Rolls. 

So funny! Yet, so sad. 

Wow! She can dance! 

Some LolCat and LolDog faves (Really, won't happen much):
i iz shaolin paws of fury  pass me the kitteh food or feel my wrathz
leg eez now awake.  body to followz.

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