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From the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Best CD. It's Talisman in English. It's one of the endings to the anime. This has a funny and good horror theme. I like that kind of thing, so it was almost an instant fave.:iconchibicanadaplz: Plus, the anime's pretty awesome as it is. :iconchibiamericaplz:

Well, this time I didn't hear my cell go off. I was so comfortable anyways, so I slept in again. :iconnataliaplz:Next week will be better! :iconchibinitalyplz:It didn't get as warm as it should have, so I've been pretty cold for most of the day. Even though I'm in a light sweater. That shouldn't happen in June! :iconwtfukplz:

I watched Mr. Brain last night. I'm really liking the show so far. This time it was about an 'invisible' killer.:iconchibichinaplz:He didn't appear on any of the security cameras, so they were baffled by it. It turned out it was pretty simple how he avoided the cameras. He turned them at certain angles beforehand and just slipped through the blind spots. Also, one of the guys knew about it, and was being bribed by the killer. After his finacee finds out about the bribery, she tells him she'll tell the police. He decides in order to save his job, he'll have to kill her, and knocks her down the stairs. :iconitalyishorrifiedplz:Only that doesn't kill her, she instead suffers brain damage. She has a problem with long term memory and vocabulary after that. So, he tries to help her 'remember' to avoid suspicion. It backfires on him big time. He thought he could pin it on his boss, by teaching her only words that described him. She says those when the police came to talk to her about it. They immediately suspect his boss, except for Tsukumo (Mr. Brain) who finds it odd that she can't say much else other than that. And, she seems to want to say something else, and can't. It was rather sad. :iconsadrussia:

I tried to make sushi again for lunch. I was going to have carrots and chopped up snap peas as a filling. It didn't work at all! :iconlietplz:Both tries failed big time. I couldn't get them to stay together, they stuck to the mat, made a mess, and wouldn't cut right. So, I'm giving up for a while on that. For the rest of the rice, I added the rest of the vegetables and some soy sauce, and mixed it together. It was all good, just disappointing. :iconbrothercanadaplz:

I finished a short warning in the grill's manual. And I started another sentence. The one I started seems very important since it's underlined in red.:iconchibirussiaplz: 取扱上の注意。(toriatsukai ue no chuui.) Surface handling warning. 

For dinner, Mom made salmon in ponzu sauce, lemon and spinach couscous, and broccoli. Very good stuff! :iconhungaryplz:For desert, I baked these really good pull-apart cookies. They were chocolate chip with caramel filling. They were to die for! :iconchibispainplz:So good! 

deviantART fave: Gintama: Eat Sweets Don't Smoke I did not make this! A funny drawing of Gintoki with his lollipop. In the anime, there's a few series of little shorts called 3-Z's Ginpachi Sensei. Gintoki plays the sensei, and other characters are his students. Anyways, when he comes in one day looking like he's smoking a cigarette, the students call him on it. He takes it out, and it's just a lollipop. He says this isn't a cigarette. It's a lolipop! It's just that it's so lolilolilolied that it smokes. It's a play on that. I love the series maybe a little too much, but I find it hilarious! Plus, it's better to eat sweets instead! 

This is a bit of a creepy tribute to Russia. Awesome though!

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