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By Alexander Rybak. This was the song that won the 2009 Eurovision contest. He represented Norway. Pretty awesome song, and the musician is quite impressive too. He's played the violin and piano since he was 5. :iconturncornerplz:He composes his own music, is one of the world's most celebrated violinists, he's the concertmaster for Norway's largest symphony orchestra for youths, and he's an actor. :wow:

Had more problems with my internet connection in the morning, but right after lunch, everything was fine again. :iconchibienglandplz:Also, another cold day. MSN Onion Emoticon SetWhy?! :icongermanyplz:

I posted the 8th chapter of my story on one of the forums. Yeah, the one I'm still debating if I should stay on it or not. I all of a sudden had 2 awesome comments yesterday, so I decided to post the next one. One said that he loves the concept, and that he's a fan. :iconblushplz:I think he's the first person to actually say that they're a fan. :w00t:There were 2 people who were very into it before on dA. I don't know where one went, but the other was away for a while, and just got back into it. :iconchibirussiaplz:He's always said he's loved it, but hasn't told me he's a fan yet. :iconchibispainplz:People don't have to, it just makes my head swell a little more. :iconchibiprussia2plz:The other one said she loves reading it, the characters seem 'real', and they fit the story. (I do try to feel and think like my characters would in certain situations. So, maybe it's worked out.) Could my head get any bigger?:iconprussiaplz:  I'm happy now! :iconsleepygreeceplz:That last person commented again after I had just posted and told me I have great writing skills, and she hopes a lot more people read my work, because it was a pleasure to read. Dude! :iconawesomestplz:That's cool! 

I also joined a group on deviantART called OC Meme Kingdom. It's chalk-full of memes to help develop my characters more. Another thing to be really happy about. :iconjustahappyplz:

Still working on a sentence for the grill's manual. I have all the components, it's just a matter of putting it together, and trying to make it make sense in English. :iconberwaldplz:Funness! :iconusaplz:So far, it's something about wearing mittens while handling the grill during use. But, that's not all of it. 

In Kuroshitsuji, the Frost Fayre takes place everytime the Thames river freezes next to the London Bridge. People set up shops on the ice, and they call it the Ice Top Market. Elizabeth goes looking for the perfect gift to buy Ciel for his birthday. The Phantom Ark was a family toy. It's extremely rare, they only made 3. Since the last mansion burned down, the company doesn't have them. Aberlain tells Ciel about finding a body under the ice at the market. The man had stolen a ring and they're searching for it. There's a blue diamond set in it called the Shard of Hope. The whole diamond was part of Lord Henry Hope's collection, and was called the Hope Diamond. It's rumored to have brought all of its previous owners an unfortunate fate, from Louis XVI to Marie Antoinette on. It was cut into 2 shards. The Undertaker also made a shop on the ice. They ask him about the ring, since he was the one that disposed of the body. It's on the ice sculpture that's the prize if you win the ice sculpting contest. So, they enter. First 'the Joyful Scotland Yard' team goes, and they only got 5 points. Next, the 'A Chinese Dress is Best in Miniskirt Form' team. (Lau's.) They couldn't show it in public, because it was too risqué. (The only one who judged was Druitt, and he gave them a 10.) Last, was the 'Queen's Woof Woof' team. (Ciel and Sebastian's.) Sebastian made Noah's Ark, and once it split down the middle, you could see the pairs of animals. (The outside is shown in the pic.) It was pretty cool looking. The criminal organization was an Irish bombing thief ring. They were going to blow the place up, but ended up falling through the ice, along with everyone's sculptures (including the prize), except for Sebastian's. His floated. Elizabeth found another Shard of Hope ring after buying what she thought was the real Phantom Ark. Finding out it wasn't, she threw it on the ground, and it popped out.

I played Chaos Fantasy. Similar to Final Fantasy. It was horribly drawn. It seemed so promising, but ended up being really lame. :iconpolandplz:I also played the Small Room Getaway 2 escape game. It was easy, once I stopped overthinking it. :iconcutezuraplz:Thought the ending would be a lot better, and it was another slightly buggy game. 

I finished drawing Zero's hands. Or at least, I tried my best at them. :iconnorgeplz:Still need to work on it. Started drawing Loathe in the background. He's actually turning out pretty well too. I'm still not sure if I'm happy with the way I have his beak now. Also, I plan to add long feathers coming out of his head, fire dripping from the feathers of his wings, a long tail, and maybe some other things. :iconchibiaustriaplz:Loathe is kind of hard to explain, if you haven't read my story, Alliance. But, think of him as a giant Phoenix for now. :iconchibicanadaplz:His wings are going to be spread out and he'll look like he's screaming or something. All this going on behind Zero. I'm liking the idea and what I have in my head. It probably wouldn't be as epic, but I'll try. 

deviantART faves: HAP- Francis in Paris Character Interrogation Meme I did not make these! First is an awesome drawing of France from Hetalia, I think it's with a pic of Paris in the background. Second, a possible meme I'll fill out for one of my characters. Get to learn more about them by putting them through an interrogation. Fun! I think I saw another one earlier that's an emotions meme. That one sounds like it would be good too, I just have to find it again, because I didn't fave it right away.

A weird and funny Korean commercial for Pizza Hut.

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