Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day! A day where we honor all of our fallen men and women who died in military service. When I was in my high school marching band, we would go to a ceremony commemorating them by the waterfront. It was really nice. The only part I didn't like was we had to be absolutely still when we weren't playing. Actually, there was one time where we were allowed to move, and that was if we wanted to put a flower in the wreath before they threw it into the water. Playing the military songs was kind of fun. I still have them. A lot of people either go on picnics or to a barbecue, too. Dad barbecued a steak for dinner, so that was good. 

Again it was pretty cold today. Onion EmoticonThe rest of the country's much warmer than us, it's like we're in a special little pocket or something. They say it will slowly get warmer. It should, considering it's June already. :iconannoyedgin-plz:(I'm still wearing a hoodie over my shirts and sometimes sweaters.)

Ok, I finally decided on what I should do to keep my art safe so people can't steal it. This morning I thought if I changed everything to having a creative commons license it would be more protected. Then I realized, it's not really a copyright. :iconwtfukplz:So, I switched them back to what they were, and low and behold dA already made my art copyrighted. :iconjustahappyplz:They probably did it and I didn't realize it before. Or it's new or something. Either way makes me happy. :iconchibicanadaplz:

But, to be on the safe side, I'm going to implement some new changes for my future submissions. As of right now, most of my pics in my gallery have watermarks. Although, dA's are rather huge, at least it's on there. I'm going to put a signature on my future pics, so at least it will look nicer, and be slightly less noticeable. Next, since dA already has the copyright on my story, I'm not going to change it. Lastly, today I made some watermarks on some of my fave drawings and the ones that got the most hits. In future posts, I'm going to make sure I have my name somewhere on it, before scanning it. I was going to, but everytime I went to post it, I forgot about it. These are again just to help me breathe a little easier. Especially, when I see people download my stuff. I saw one of the deviations I posted had like 27 downloads, and that freaked me out a bit. Hearing about people's art getting stolen makes you even more paranoid. But, now that I think about it, those people won out in the end. Since, dA had the copyright, and its all timed stamped. So, maybe I worried over nothing? Who knows. (And, killed about half of the day.) Oh, and I might have finished with the writing part of chapter 10, just need to edit more, and then I post it.

I finished working on 2 sentences from the grill's manual. 特にお子様の手に触れることのないようにしてください。(Tokuni okosama no te ni fureru koto no nai youni shite kudasai.) In order not to have the experience please keep children's hands from coming into contact with it. 使用中は製品のそばから離れないでください。(Shiyouchuu ha seihin no sobakara hanarenai de kudasai.) Please don't leave product out after use. (Loosely translated, and kind of shorter.) 

In Hetalia, Spain is little jealous of Austria for having lucked out with North Italy. (Since Romano was such a brat when he was younger, or seemed to me.) France is having some financial difficulty and wonders why Switzerland always seems to have the most stable banks. So, he opens a new bank. It has technology from America (a super computer), 'perfect' security, and beautiful employees just because. As soon as they open, the employees go on strike. Apparently, in France strikes are every day occurrences that happen all over the country. They actually have a 'strike schedule', but some come out of no where and aren't on the 'schedule'. The tomatoes found in Southern Italy's cuisine came from Spain's influence. There was a new song! About time! It's been the same ending song since the beginning of the series. (Gets old after a while.) 

Wahoo! I started another anime! (Since I'm technically done watching Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.) It's called Letter Bee or Tegami Bachi. It's very interesting so far, and the art is pretty awesome! Gauche Suede finds an 'orphan' on his postal route where he's supposed to pick up a package. (Gauche's in the background of the pic.) Apparently, this kid is the package. He even has a label with postage stamps on it. His name's Lag Seeing. I like how the label says he's fragile, too. Gauche has a companion, that in his occupation they call Dingos. It's a dog named Roda who helps him with his work. A Letter Bee is basically a postman. They're a member of the Amberground National Postal Service. After greeting lag and introducing himself, he tells him he's considered as just a package he has to deliver. He's supposed to deliver him to Sabrina Mary, a woman who used to live in his town. The shipper is Anne Seeing, his mother. (Who 'they' took away from him.) Gaichuu are armored insects, and only special weapons can kill them. They're dangerous, and they inhabit the darkness between towns. They react to the hearts of humans, and attack them. Part of a Letter Bee's job is to fight them. Every Letter Bee has a different weapon with a stone in the middle. Everytime they use it a little of their heart is eaten away. Since, they project a fragment of their hearts into the stone to power it. The stone has 'spirit insect' inside. (Kind of like the mosquito in amber thing, only they have powers and they can still be used.) There are several different colored stones and insects.

I played Baby Escape by Gazzyboy. I have to say it was the worst one I've played of theirs. There were SO many glitches, annoying, and the music was a bit creepy. You have to save the 'insane' baby before it hurts itself. Because of all the glitches, I gave up on it. 

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