Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paris is Indeed Splendid


Sung by the voice actor for France in Hetalia. It's on his character CD. Sounds a bit like an upbeat musical in parts, then suddenly changes into film noir type music. Also, sounds very French. I like how a lot of these character songs have been close to sounding authentic for each country. MSN Onion IconsI think I'll start posting the song I talk about in some of my upcoming posts, because you'll be able to hear it. IdeaAt some point, I'll make a player and update it after a couple of posts, but this way you can hear it for now. Here's this one: 

It was really nice again today!:iconkatsuradanceplz:I think it got up to 72. The next few days will be colder, though. It felt good while it lasted at least. Happy cry (Tears of joy) When I'm at the very end of my prescription, I tend to think a bit more negatively. (Not a lot, but it's just a little subtle.) But, the weather helped a lot. I'm happy that there's only a couple more days left of these old pills, and I can start my next 3 month batch. I'll feel a little better. :iconginsmileplz:Although, I'm not really feeling bad at the moment. 

Yesterday, we went to an Adult B'nai Mitzvah. It was for 4 women. 2 of them are converts, so it was very interesting to hear their take on it. Although, it was interesting to hear all of their takes on it and the Torah portion. Onion IconsIt was a very nice service. I find it interesting that so many people that I haven't seen in a long time, show up to these things. :iconhijikatarunningplz:I guess it's better than never seeing them. It was cool to see all the family members that came for it, too. It was a great turn out. 

There was a big luncheon afterwards. There was an egg salad, bagels, tabouleh, regular salad, and some other snacky kind of things. Then, everybody was told to bring a dessert for it, so there was a lot of them. :iconjustahappyplz:Some poppyseed pound cake, brownies, cookies, a pie, chocolate popsicle things poking through some sort of cake (weird, but good:iconeatparfaitplz:), and some other stuff. Most of it was gone by the time I got to it. :iconginblinking:The kids had started there, so obviously it went quicker. They had 2 special cakes. One chocolate, the other vanilla with lemon filling. I went for the chocolate at first. The frosting was great. The cake was horrible! It was very salty! :iconmenacingkaguraplz:So, feeling a bit cheated, I put it off to the side and had the vanilla one. It was so good! I only got to say Mazel Tov (or congratulations) to 2 of the women. But, I knew those 2 better, so I guess it was ok. Onion Icons

I watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs last night. Ice Age is always funny, but they seem to be getting more so. Scrat had a bit more screen time. I love him, even though he has such a sad and crazy life trying to get those elusive acorns. He finally found a love interest, but in the end lost her (she didn't die) and the acorn. Good job Scrat! The baby dinosaurs that Sid tried to take of were cute. In the end, their real mother was cute too. Manny and Ellie had their baby, and they named her Peaches. Apparently, under the ice, the dinosaurs have been surviving in a huge tropical world. Kind of reminded me of Journey to the Center of the Earth. 

I looked for more songs. Then, made a few of my own avatars. Got tired of the ones I had, and whenever I wanted new ones, never being able to find them online. :iconginfacepalmplz:So, I might change my avatar on here soon too. :iconsugarfanplz:Went through more of my pics. I'm also trying to make a title page for my story, Alliance. Since, I have most of it printed out, and it's getting to be very thick, why not? I might use one of my drawings as an illustration now, but eventually I want to draw like a bird's eye view of the campus or something. And, put that on the title page. 

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