Monday, May 17, 2010

Dark Woods Circus

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Sung by the Miku, Rin, Kaito, Len, and Meiko Vocaloids. A dark and creepy, but awesome song. About a circus, and it's performers. They go through the performers or 'freaks'. One who has 2 heads, a siren, and a blue 'beast' that eats dreadful things. They sing about how they didn't ask to be born this way, and they want to escape the place, but are told it will never happen. :iconchibichinaplz:

Well, I was feeling really good today until after I just had lunch. I threw up big time, and it was explosive. Sorry, but it put a damper on my day. :iconshinpachiplz:(I had just brushed my teeth and was heading out for a walk!) The only warning I had was feeling a bit woozy and dizzy for about a minute. I almost didn't make it to the bathroom. :iconhijikatarunningplz: Afterwards, I didn't feel too bad, just a little warm. Plus, my temperature was a bit low. 

So, we went to the doctors to see what they'd say. My primary wasn't available so, we saw someone who was 'stepping in'. He was a bit rude. And, don't you love it when they say 'does this hurt', and when you say yes they feel around the same area again? :iconwtfukplz:He didn't even know how the clinic worked. :iconginblinking:Eventually, he prescribed an antacid med, ordered a blood draw, told me to make an appointment with my psychiatrist, and give the ok for my medical records to be sent to them from when I think I had gastrointestinal problems. Now, the last one, I'm not even sure they'll still have the record of.Onion Emoticon SetSince it was so long ago, and was only there for one appointment. I might not be seeing the same psychiatrist since it's been about 6 months without her or anyone. I need to start therapy up again, especially with all the stuff I'm going through at the moment. (I can do that now since I'm back on my insurance. :iconchibicanadaplz:) I don't feel like it really is an acid thing going on, but it's better than nothing. Plus, I made a follow-up appointment with my primary, so he should be better about it if I still have the same thing going on. Also, he'll have more stuff to work with. :iconginsmileplz: 

It looked kind of like it was going to rain today. It didn't and went up to around 70. That was really a nice part of this crazy day! :iconjustahappyplz:Also, I edited parts of chapter 10. Hopefully, I can work on it more tomorrow. Onion Icons

In Kuroshitsuji, West is entering the curry contest to be awarded the Royal Warrant, which will increase his sales greatly. It's kind of like a guarantee of quality. Ciel plans to enter the contest too, if he gets a Warrant it will launch the company into the food industry and he'll eventually sell his confections along with toys and games. Sebastian plans to make a better curry than what Agni can make. But, Agni knows how to make a 'real' curry. Soma considers Agni to be a Curry G-d, with his right hand. The first batch Sebastian cooks, is British style, Soma hates it. And it's nothing like what they make in India. So, he tells him what's different. Soma doesn't know what curry powder is, which is what Sebastian used as the base. He tells him the flavors are important and you don't get the same flavor with curry powder, you have to grind it yourself. Plus, Agni can make many different flavored and colored ones. They get all the spices fresh, with the help of Lau. Sebastian tastes every spice to try and come up with a good combo. Eventually, he makes a curry that's very similar to Agni's, but lacks 'substance'. Sebastian's actually having a hard time with it. After that he comes up with a curry that blends a little British flavor into the traditional Indian one. Soma says it's a curry worthy of competing against Agni's. To make it have more 'substance', he used chocolate. (Doesn't surprise me since I know other dishes that use chocolate to deepen the flavor.) He plans to improve on it.

I finished 2 sentences and started a new one.電磁調理器やハロゲンヒーターでは使用しないでください。(Den ji chou ri ki ya harogen heetaa deha shiyoushinaide kudasai.) Then, please don't use such things as an electromagnetic cooker or a halogen heater. 卓上コンロでは使用しないでください。(Takujou konro deha shiyoushinaide kudasai.) Then, please don't use grill on the table. 

I played more of the Beatles. Stopped at Strawberry Fields Forever. Some of the songs were probably meant to just be sung, because they have really boring melodies for the background. :iconchibijapanplz:

In Hetalia, Rome and Germania are having a chat at the beginning. All Rome ever talks about is women, drinking, and fighting. :iconromeemoteplz:Germania tells him to talk about something else, he grows silent for a while and can't come up with anything.Onion Icon Next, Germany makes an observation journal on Italy, in order to understand him more. After the 28th day of writing, he gives up, and says he still doesn't get him. :icongermanyplz: Austria gives South Italy (later called Romano) to Spain. He's extremely happy with the idea of having a lackey. In the pic it says: Boss Spain and Chibi (or little) Romano. Romano has a don't care attitude, even though he's supposed to do whatever the 'boss' tells him to. :iconchibiromanoplz: When Spain says he doesn't have confidence in his dominion over Romano, France begs him to give Romano to him instead. :iconfrancisplz:(He ignores him.)

I played Ultimate Chess. It's a fun, although very violent game of Chess. Has cut scenes of your pieces offing off the other pieces and vice versa. Like, they play Russian Roulette in one, sword fights, horse trampling people, etc. It ended up being a draw. I love Chess, but I barely ever play. So, it was fun. 

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