Monday, May 10, 2010

Japanese Ninja is No. 1

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Sung by the Luka Vocaloid. Kind of a funny song, about how ninjas, Japanese food, sports, etc., are the best. Well, I found a butt-load of new songs!:iconevilginplz:Makes me happy! Onion IconsCheers me up a bit, even though I still feel sick. Got up late, because I kept tossing and turning, felt too hot and the next minute felt cold, and still had the feeling of throwing up. Wahoo! More fun! :iconginblinking:

I tried to decipher a bit of my Today's Menu For Everybody weekly newsletter. Which really wasn't very hard, but the way I was feeling, I needed to study something light. They said there's 36 recipe versions up for Nikujaga now. It's a meat and potatoes dish. It's very tasty, and I've made it before.:iconmayocookingshowplz:  I just didn't think there was that many versions of it. :iconginfacepalmplz:Rankings this week: 1. Roasted gingered pork. 2. Nikujaga. 3. Hamburger steak. If people just say hamburger over there, it can be 2 things: the hamburger steak thing or a Western type burger. Hamburger steak is just a hamburger without the bun. Reminds me a bit of Salisbury steak. :iconchibirussiaplz:

In Hetalia, England's still sick. :iconchibienglandplz:America thinks putting a hamburger on England's forehead will 'cure' him.:iconchibiamericaplz:After China lost the first opium war, he found himself answering to England and France. He makes a meal for them. England thinks he can cook better. Russia visits him, too. After China lost the first and second opium wars, England and France took dominion over a great part of China.:iconchibichinaplz: Russia was slowly closing in on him, too. France changes his uniform, because he didn't want to be a 'stylish' target for his enemies. The ending to this one had China's Marukaite Chikyuu, which I think was it's debut. Italy meets Chibitalia, and calls his younger self cute. Chibitalia wants to become a big and strong nation, and asks if he will. :iconchibitaliaplz:Italy lies, and tells him he will become great. England's training to become stronger, and not be called weak by the other nations. Finds out America is far stronger when he carries a car. 

The Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode that I watched was the last one of the season. :iconscaredginplz:All that's left is it's movie. I hope that eventually they have a 4th season! I really like it! The first topic was about people tend to notice trivial errors, but fail to see the main problems. Then, it was about Kiri having a Linus complex with her blanket. She doesn't feel secure without it. Kafuka believes anybody who's a civil servant should feel relieved and secure. So, when everyone becomes a civil servant, the whole country's citizens become impoverished. The whole class feels Sensei makes them feel secure. (Kind of touching.) At the very end of the episode, the school's counselor says "I think we can work harder in the next volume." This definitely leaves it open for another season! :iconginsenseipointsuplz:

I played Uncle's Old Times, which was a Minoto game. This one seemed even trippier than the last! It still was cute, fun, and easy. Then, I played Green Soup Room Escape by Sakura. Got everything but the color code right away. Their games always seem a bit more challenging than other escape games. I got the perfect end, though. 

DeviantART faves: Maple Syrup APH- Spanish Inquisition Croatia The City of Eternal Night Chicken Doom I did not make these! First, is a cute drawing of Canada eating pancakes.:iconchibicanadaplz: Second, a very emotional Spain, who looks horrified for what happened in the Inquisition. :iconchibispainplz:Very nice drawing! Third, is a fan's version of what Croatia would look like in Hetalia. Kind of cool! Fourth, is an awesome Gintama sketch with Gintoki sitting on a bench in the city of Yoshiwara. Last, is a hilarious Gintama flash centering on Elizabeth.:iconelycryplz: The expression of Katsura is priceless. :iconcutezuraplz:

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