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Shima Uta

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Sung by the Kaito Vocaloid. It means Island Song. It's one of the most widely known songs associated with Okinawa. The original version was by the band The Boom after they visited it. There's traditional Okinawan instruments and Okinawan vocabulary. About what the band saw there during their photo shoot. Really a beautiful song. :iconchibihungaryplz:

I'm still feeling pretty good, didn't feel sick. :iconginsmileplz:Oh, I have an idea of why I was sick. :iconmeganeginplz:My water bottle had a ton of mold in the top part, right where it's very difficult to clean. I gave it a very thorough cleaning, so maybe I won't feel sick and have that problem? Onion IconsWe'll see. Today, was about 10 degrees below normal. The next couple of days are supposed to be similar. It feels too cold for this time of year! Onion EmoticonPlayed more of the Beatles. Got up to Dig a Pony. I got to play When I'm 64, it's one of my fave songs from them, and it's actually fun to play!MSN Onion IconsI also edited more of chapter 10, hopefully I'll get to actually write more tomorrow.

When Kisara was still with Chiruha living at the house on the hill, 2 villagers stopped them and said they were there to exterminate Chiruha. Just when they were going to slash her down, Kisara jumped in front and was hit in the head badly. Just after that, they stabbed her. As she was bleeding out she crawled over to Kisara and gave him her power of immortality and he forgot everything. Back to the present, Kisara was just lying against a tree while blasts were going off around him and the demons. Chiruha comes running to his side. Kisara realizes she's not immortal anymore and he tries to protect her. He finally understands that she just wanted to save him, she wasn't 'cursing' him with immortality. He goes to the captain and says he wants to quit being the army's disposable pawn. The captain is fine with it, and tells him he should be as happy as he can be. Kisara asks Chiruha if there's something he can do for her, since she protected him all this time. She asks for him to become friends with her. He laughs and says yes to being friends for real. Kisara later is much happier and is a lot more talkative.

I finished a sentence, did the next warning label, and got all the components of the next sentence. 製品の転倒や、異常過熱によるやけどの恐れがあります。(Seihin no tentou ya, ijou kanetsu niyoru yakedo no osoregarimasu.) Such things as the product overturning due to overheating may burn it. (Still evolving a bit.) 使用前の注意. (Shiyouzen no chuui.) Before use warning.

In Naruto Shippuden, Pain arrives in Konoha. Along with the other bodies he uses and Konan. Shizune starts an autopsy on the body Jiraiya sent before he died. Black rods are found all over embedded inside the body. After she analyzes them, she finds out that they are chakra receivers, and they seem to be receiving it the moment. Naruto is still training with the toad Sage. He tells him that there are risks of being in Sage mode. You can only be in it up to 5 minutes. Also, since you have to be still in order to gather the chakra for it, it can't be used once you begin a battle, otherwise you're an easy target. You can only gather the chakra while you have many comrades protecting you. If totally alone, you have to withdraw, gather chakra, then return. The Sage says it will be fine if they merge their bodies. One can take action, while the other is gathering chakra. Pain attacks Konoha, searching for Naruto. Tsunade sends out an order for Naruto to come back. 

I played There is No Door Escape 7. Got stuck once, then once I found the one thing I needed it was very easy. The series has very interesting escape games. They're not the best, but I like the idea of them. 

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