Wednesday, May 19, 2010

19 Sai


By Suga Shikao on the xxxHolic soundtrack. I love this anime, and it was sad when it ended! :iconchibispainplz:I doubt they'll make another season. This was the opening song, and it really sets the mood for the series. 19 Sai means 19 years old.

Well, I got the results of another type of blood test today. It was mostly on my blood counts. The only not so great reading was on my red blood cell count. :iconginfacepalmplz:It was .1 above normal. (Normal range: 3.6-5.0) So, they flagged it as high. It's also the highest count I have of that. The scary part is, when you have too many red blood cells, you run the risk of having thicker blood and a blood clot. :iconwtfukplz:I've had blood clots in my lungs that were so bad I had to be hospitalized. :iconchibilithuaniaplz:I looked up the conditions you have to have in order for it to actually thicken and make a clot, and my counts are much lower. Plus, my kidneys aren't out of whack and everything else is working fine. Still a bit puzzling. Onion Icons

There's a new version of deviantART now. I'm not sure if I like it. :iconkikuplz:They changed the entire layout, and it was rather sudden, so a lot of people were angry. :iconchibienglandplz:The header where the inbox is, is so different it's getting hard to get used to. There's a new 'navigation paddle' at the bottom of the screen for every deviation. It displays other artwork from the artist's gallery in thumbnails. Also, the groups have changed a bit. 

Also, for a while I've been hearing a lot of people talk about Flele, so I decided to try and download it to see what it's like. :iconginsmileplz:It's like a music player, only the 'player' is an anime character. They sing to the music. Sounds kind of cool, and entertaining. But, other than dressing them up like avatars and such, they're kind of boring. :iconokitaeyemaskplz:They don't 'sing' to the titles of songs with Japanese characters written on them. Funny, because it's a Japanese program. :iconginblinking: So, I quickly got rid of it. I printed off what I had of chapter 10. Makes the stack for my story so far really thick. I think this is the longest document I've done. It's getting to be 80 pages.

In O-parts Hunter, the first test or riddle to get to Chilin is: The worst enemy is your best friend. (They have to collect 10 stones and go through 3 tests.) Jio and Ball fell through a trap with a wall of spikes coming at them. In order to pass, they climbed the spikes instead of running away from it and being crushed. Next test: What you see might not be complete. There's a bridge and they can't see the other end. They start crossing it, and find out it's really just giant swing, and pass. 3rd test: Only the brave will survive. A giant boulder comes hurdling towards them, and while it passes over they accidentally roll into a trap door. The boulder opens back up when they hit something, and they pass. There's one more 'riddle', and that's to put the stones in a certain order and that will become the key to the door. 

I'm still working on that long sentence from last time. :iconchibiaustriaplz:I have all the components now. Just in the process of translating it. I'll definitely have it done tomorrow.

In Fairy Tail, Natsu's team plus the Guild Master, are lost in Web Valley that's like a giant Labyrinth. They say even experiences travelers have gotten lost there and never return. :iconbipolarginplz:They're on their way to Magnolia. They find a deserted village. Later, they find out it's been turned into a giant magic circle to activate a banned sealing magic called Alive. It turns inanimate objects into living moving monsters. :iconturncornerplz:The Guild Master says if their alive and the group is starving, why not eat the monsters. :iconeatingdangoplz:Natsu, Gray, and Erza go off to fight them and act like their chefs. Erza even transformed into one, complete with the hat and attacking with large butcher knives. After the monsters are killed off, they try a piece, tastes nasty. The monsters come back to life. The villagers are alive and were inside the monsters. The Guild Master saved everyone by erasing the circles with his eyes closed. MSN Onion Icons

I played Old Bar Escape. I was getting it pretty quickly until I couldn't find an outlet for the coffeemaker. Found it after a lot of clicking around. Onion Emoticon SetAlso played Heaven or Hell RTS. It's a tower defense type game. They start you off on Heaven's side, and then at some point you can choose to defend Hell. Onion IconsIt sounded like it would be fun, but it was very repetitive and boring after a while. :iconpolandplz:

I drew more of Zero's anatomy. Worked mostly on his legs. They still aren't looking quite right to me. :iconmeganeginplz:I can improve more on it tomorrow, so it's ok for now. 

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