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Sung by Germany's voice actor from Hetalia on his Character CD. Einsamkeit means loneliness in German.:icongermanyplz:It's a pretty sad song until the end, and the music has an alternative rock type feel. About how he closed himself off to others for so long, and the good part is he's finally starting to open up to them. Germany's other character song puts me off a bit, so I'm glad I like this one. 

On Saturday, I actually went to services!:la:It's the 3rd straight week in a row. Onion IconsI only stopped going for a while, because I got tired of the way our Rabbi was running the services. That's the thing, I found out why I didn't like going: it's not refreshing and interesting during his services.:iconannoyedgin-plz: This time we had our cantor lead the service, and it actually felt fun and nice. Plus, she didn't try to explain everything, and did the things we've been asking the Rabbi to do. I've only been going because I feel like I need it, or I guess, I'm feeling more spiritual. I don't know if that's the right word. Onion IconsThere were a lot more people that I knew and liked to talk to, so that was another plus. :iconginsmileplz:The portion on Saturday was the longest in the Torah, so we heard a very small snippet of it, but she talked about the topics that were touched later on in her commentary. It was very interesting. 

We went out to eat to celebrate my mom's birthday. :iconkaguraeatplz:The food was great, service not so much. :iconchibijapanplz:We all had their olives and almonds appetizer. The almonds had olive oil and herbs, and the olives were very tasty. I ordered the 'burger' on the menu. It comes with your choice of cheese, and I chose Bleu. The patty was fabulous! The cheese was a bit stronger than I'm used to, but still very good. The bread was great too! It came with things like the pickles, onions in a vinaigrette, lettuce, tomato, etc. on the side. There was also frites. Which are just French for French fries. They had some rosemary and olive oil on them. Very good! Next, we shared some bread pudding that had blueberries and a bourbon sauce. They lit a candle on it. It was awesome too. Although, the sauce was a bit light on the bourbon. :iconjustahappyplz:

Next, we watched the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. It was good up until the end. Kind of anti-climatic. :iconginblinking:I liked the statue thing, that turned into tiny mechanical looking bugs that ate through everything. The kid was just an idiot! I'm sorry, but that's how I felt about him.

Yesterday night, we watched the series finale of Lost. It was crazy! The commentary from the actors before the finale on the show were funny and interesting. The actors come from all over the world. I think that's one of the things that made it interesting. It is kind of sad that it ended. I missed like 2 seasons, but apparently they weren't important, because I knew about the main storyline. Also, I watched their thing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was hilarious! The spoofs on it were great. The cast seem to be great comedians. A lot of them said they didn't watch the show. The ones that did were just about as confused as most people.

I worked a bit more on that long sentence from the grill's manual. I have all the components, I just have to piece them together. So far I think I can say the main parts are about rusting, treatment, and ventilation. 

In Hetalia, Rome's feeling depressed. Germania actually cheers him up. (Rome's in the pic stealing Germany's potatoes.) After meeting with Italy and Germany, Japan's heading home. Italy catches up to him and tells him he'll give him a lift. He drives WAY too fast, and terrifies Japan. Spain teaches Romano some Spanish. Romano thinks that the language is very hard to memorize. In Southern Italy, the Spanish culture and influence from that era still remains. Sardinia still seems to use Spanish. When Spain sees Chibitalia, he begs Austria to trade him. Romano hears about it, and gets really angry. Spain not realizing what impact it had at first on Chibi Romano, apologizes. 

I watched the first episode of the Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Bangaichi OVA. Kind of like the first half of their movie. Odd thing is I tried to watch the second episode, and can't seem to find it. That's kind of a let down. There might not be another season, so it's like watching half a series finale. Oh well, maybe someday I'll see the rest of it. The part I saw is still very funny and makes you think. I didn't remember Chiri had an older sister named Tane. She's like the exact opposite of Chiri. Mainly because she thinks it keeps Chiri in check. When they were younger, Chiri thought their goldfish needed washing and was about to take him out and shampoo him. To save it, Tane rolled in some mud and told her to clean her instead. Ever since, she's been trying to control Chiri's excess in cleanliness. Trash follows her wherever she goes, too. Sensei tells her he'll take over her job, so she can be a 'normal' clean beautiful girl. 

I made dinner. It kind of was a new creation, and I think I like it. It was sushi rice (sushi technically just is vinegared rice), soy sauce, garlic, chicken, corn, carrots, peas, and onions all mixed together. The chicken and vegetables were cooked in garlic first. Turned out really tasty. Kind of looked like fried rice, but it was something different. Had a tangy, sweet, and savory taste. Might do it again some time. 

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