Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

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I hope all the moms out there had a great one! :hug:I made banana cranberry pancakes for my mom as a brunch. I made like 18 or 20 of them. It was funny that I actually made so many, and we had leftovers! :iconeatparfaitplz:They were so good!:icondroolplz:Dad made BBQ chicken, bok choy, and nut pilaf for dinner. Which was very good too! I feel sick to stomach. The feeling started last night while we were watching the new Star Trek movie. I felt immediately like I was going to throw up. Odd, because this is the second time in less than a month and a half. I barely ever throw up, even when I'm sick, so this is a bit bizarre. :iconjustaway-deathstare:The movie was pretty good, though. :iconginsmileplz:It put a new spin on it, at least I think so. Action packed, had a lot of humor, seemed a bit more 'real', some drama, and other good stuff. :iconjustahappyplz:Reminded me a bit of Star Wars. 

I read the whole Tao Te Ching, plus commentary on Saturday. :iconturncornerplz:I didn't think I'd read the whole thing that quickly, let alone in one sitting. It was very interesting. Some of it was funny, some of it was very deep stuff, and a little of it didn't make much sense. I understood it, just seemed very contradictory in a few passages. Next, will be a book on Plato. Should be very interesting! MSN Onion Emoticons

I also managed to go to services that morning. :iconginblinking:It felt good, since it's been a while.  It was different than before, because I told myself I'm just there for the praying and studying/reading the Torah. I wasn't really trying to come up with a reason why I didn't like going, I just did it. :iconjustdoitplz:It felt nice that way. Next time, if I feel at the end that Mom's taking a while talking, or nothing's really going on, I'll just read a book. MSN Onion IconsThe portion was about the sabbatical year and was very interesting. It's where on the 7th year you take a year off. In the Torah, it's also you stop farming and live off the land, so to speak. 

I changed my avatar a bit on Gaia. Changed her hair, and most of her outfit. The only thing, I think, that stayed the same is the chain belt, necklace, the cincher, and bracelet. I wanted her to have a more summer feel. MSN Onion IconThe barrettes are interesting since they're reversible. I can change their color, have just one, and put them in different positions. 

I also watched Bambino last night. This time, it seemed Ban was just wallowing in self-pity. MSN Onion EmoticonThinking he just wasn't good enough. But, he realized later, that his mistakes were normal for beginners. He accidentally cuts himself trying to cut up a crab, and everyone tells him to go to the hospital, when he says he's fine and he'll continue, one of the workers slaps him.:iconspeechlessginplz:Another says that they're just human and that even they can't be perfect. It was kind of an emotional episode.:iconshiroyashaplz:

DeviantART: Happy Birthday Toshi StupidFox 29 Austria The first, a drawing of a bottle of mayo with a ribbon, and a pic of Toshi's head with a heart around it on the bottle. Toshi's fave food is mayo, very fitting for his birthday. :iconmayoplz:Next, is another funny StupidFox comic, about Betta fish.:iconsakamotolaughplz:  Lastly, is an awesome sketch of Austria. :iconchibiaustriaplz:


Funny Vocaloid vid and song to the Turkish March:

Cool vid about Kamui in the Yoshiwara arc:

An awesome song called I am a Jew. Has all sorts of Israeli singers:

This one's sad at first, but has a much happier end. It doesn't have anime, and the voice is the Miku Vocaloid. The video is very creative, maybe even original:

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