Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rock It Down

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By M.O.V.E. Kind of a cool energetic, rock, funk, fun, dance type song. It's really grown on me! 

I'm feeling a lot better than I was last night and this morning. Just had a weird pain in my gut, and for some reason it made me think a little negatively. But, I'm doing much better! We were, yet again, below normal temps today. It looked gloomy out. 

I posted a pic on deviantART: More Palms It's still from when we went to Veteran's park at the pier. I already got 2 people fave it. Another person faved the pelican pic. Kind of cool! I thought no one would fave them. I don't think they're the best pics. Then, I worked on a new character's profile, Rakesh, for Alliance. I spent most of the time trying to come up with a good last name. I like to research a bit, and have some sort of meaning to my names. They're not random usually. Also, depending on where I think a character might come from, I try to make it authentic. And, when I get to it, I try to make it from a real place. 

In Dear, it was the start of another story. In their world, there are 2 continents: one where demons live, the other where the humans live. The demons have a demon lord, who humans try to defeat and call themselves heroes. Demons can take the form of humans or animals. If they're human-form demons they are born with a tattoo somewhere on their body, so other demons know. When with humans they try to conceal it. Komomo is an extremely poor hero, and Subaru is her companion who travels with her. (They're in the pic.) When Komomo hears there's a reward for the capture of a group of thieves, she takes it instantly. She's a magic-wielding human. People used to make fun of her when she was a kid. They find the hideout of the Rezi demon thieves. Subaru fights with his Lycanthrope arm, which only the demon lord is supposed to possess. He tells him he was their lord, but is currently helping the 'nameless' hero. He keeps telling her that he loves her. All he asks from her is to allow him to help, and it's ok if she becomes dependent on him. When he's near a lycanthrope, his arm shakes. Komomo says they should set out on a journey to find the lycanthrope, and ask them if they can help with his body rejecting the arm. 

I finished 3 sentences, but 1 was really odd. It took a while, and it still needs a little work. But, I'll go back to it after I finish the whole thing, like a couple of other sentences. Sometimes it's best to leave it and come back fresh. 網にサラダ油をひいて使用すると、こびりつきにくくなります。(Ami ni saradayu wo hiite shiyousuru to, kobiritsuki niku ku narimasu.) Using the salad oil on the network, the meat sticks to a section. (Salad oil is what they say instead of vegetable oil.) Still sounds funny. Not only that, but I couldn't find some of the meanings in my dictionary, and broke the words up more. 使用中の注意. (Shiyouchuu no chuui.) During use warning, or middle warning. 使用中は製品が大変熱くなります。(Shiyouchuu ha seihin ga taihen netsu ku narimasu.) During use product will become very hot. 

In Naruto Shippuden, after Tsunade gave a long emotional speech, the elders finally approved of giving Naruto and his generation a chance against Pain. This was also after she told them they lack the power to believe. After Tsunade tells the messenger frog to relay everything back to Naruto, the frog's killed before he had a chance by Danzo. Tsunade summons her slug, Katsuyu, and orders it to separate, heal and attach to every villager. Iruka was about to be killed by Pain, but Kakashi saved him. Sakura takes charge of the hospital while it's overflowing with the injured.

I played 1066. It's strategy game based on the Battle of Hastings. It has the Vikings, the Normans, and the English fighting against each other. You start with the Vikings vs. the English. You move your troops around, attack, and taunt. I won the first battle, but got tired of it. Might go back to it. 

I worked more on Zero's arms and hands. His wrists still look a little too thin. Also, I'm taking my time with the hands, since I seem to have problems drawing hands. The outline shape of them looks good. 

Next, we went to the Hadassah potluck/meeting/Mahjong game. Mom brought a queso with some tortilla chips. She used to make it all the time in Texas, and while I grew up she's made it every once in a while. It's been a long time though. It's Velveeta, chunky salsa, and vegetarian refried beans all heated in the microwave until the cheese melts. (Just about the only thing Velveeta is good in, or is edible to me.) Very good stuff! It was a hit! The other stuff was good, except a rice with vegetables thing. It was just bizarre. The meeting was all about the Mahj event coming up in September. While everyone but me and someone who hates Mahj too, played Mahj, we talked again. She has to have everything spelled out for her and doesn't 'get' people. Kind of strange, but nice person. 

deviantART fave: What happen? I didn't make this! Cute pic of a Beagle. 

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