Monday, May 3, 2010

Carnation (Again)

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By Love Psychedelico. Another fave still. MSN Onion Emoticons I hope people like the new layout of my blog! MSN Onion IconsI like it so far, and I think that's what's important. MSN Onion IconsI updated my About Me section, added a list of drama shows I'm currently watching, changed one of the lists to the Anime I'm Currently Watching (before, it was My Top Faves.), added my current manga list, and added more links. All these were at the bottom before. I just moved all of those to the bottom of my About Me section on the right hand side. Looks better to me!MSN Onion EmoticonsAlso, I'm thinking of adding a guestbook. I doubt anyone will leave a comment or a greeting, but why not?MSN Onion IconBy the way, the links are somewhat ordered. Sites I always check first, Japanese dictionaries/helpful sites, drama, gardening, Jewish sites, cooking, Japanese TV online, game sites, random stuff, and my old site at the bottom. I haven't updated that one in, who know's how long! MSN Onion IconsIt's basically my early research on Japan. I hope to someday go back to it, and pour my new knowledge into it. MSN Onion Icon

And yes, that's what my head feels like right now. Like someone or something is chewing on it. I have a major head and earache. Oh, well, I can deal. I posted another pic on deviantART: Pier 2 I already have 2 people who faved it. I don't think this one's all that great, but check it out! MSN Onion EmoticonsOh, I woke up about an hour earlier than I usually do, which was around 6. I just couldn't sleep. For a while, I was absolutely freezing. Onion EmoticonIt felt like it was in the teens or something, when in reality it was a lot warmer. I guess it was like the opposite of a hot flash (cold chill?Onion Icon), it was very weird. Then, at 6 my eyes just opened. MSN Onion Icons

The fencing dual between Agni and Sebastian was cool!Onion IconsThey were equals, and they had to call it a draw. Sebastian was impressed that a human could be so talented. Agni actually gives the servants jobs that they can fulfill and gives advice, instead of ignoring them and saying you'll do everything. (In this way, I like him a lot more than Sebastian.) Soma has been noticing that there's something up with Agni. He leaves while Soma sleeps every night. So, the group waits for Agni to leave, and follows him. He walks into a house where an English nobleman, named West, who deals with imported Indian goods lives. Also, has a criminal record. When Soma hears they're going to talk about Mina, he storms in. West orders Agni around like he's his servant, and tells him to beat up the prince. Agni seems to be very conflicted about it, but follows his orders. Sebastian saves Soma, and they leave. They find out that Agni's been behind the 'incidents' from before. (Beating and hanging English noblemen from the eaves of a curry house.) 

I finished a sentence from the grill's manual, and I'm about half way done with another. Wahoo! Onion IconI'm figuring these out quicker than before! Also, gives me another way to see their sentence structure. これ以外の用途には使用しないでください。(Kore igai no youto niha shiyou shinai de kudasai.) The rough (or raw) version: This means with the exception of service for use in the city (or locally) please. A better way in English (maybe?): Use only in the city (or locally) please. I'll work on it a bit more sometime when I'm done with this section. 

In Hetalia, England's sick yet again. Only this time France is by his side. Lithuania dreams about the day he was separated from Poland. Russia had beaten them, and took Lithuania to work at his house. He calls Poland asking if he's prepared for a war, if Russia goes through with it. His way of dealing with it, was to send a letter to Russia. It said if you read this letter, you have 3 days to send this to 3 people. If you don't, your capital will become Warsaw. Onion Emoticons

In Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, they talked about Shrodinger's cat, thought experiment. They showed a lot of Shrodinger examples. One was, if you put a dying cat in a box, and didn't open it, the possibility of the cat being alive and dead will simultaneously exist. (This is based off of a real experiment.) He was showing that there are infinite paradoxes. Very interesting. MSN Onion Icon

I played There Is No Door Escape 3. It was a lot more frustrating and not as fun as the previous ones. Onion Emoticon SetThen, I played Perfume Lab Escape. It was funny and very interesting. You have to make the best perfume with the ingredients provided to escape. I also tried to draw more of Zero, but I didn't feel right about a few things, and by the time I went over it again, I got frustrated. So, I'll leave it for tomorrow. Usually, the next day's better. MSN Onion IconsHopefully, I'll have a full night's sleep tonight. MSN Onion Icon

DeviantART faves: Rawr! Chibitalia- too small APH- Hong Kong Racket-Tailed Roller I did not make these! The first one's a pic of a cute kitten. Second, is just a cute comic about Chibitalia being just short enough he can't reach his pasta. The third's of Hong Kong from Hetalia. The last, a pic of a colorful bird.

2 very funny Japanese commercials:


  1. Good choice in commercials, the first one is hilarious. Although to be fair, the second one actually isn't a Japanese commercial - it's Korean, sometimes also shown in Thailand....

    Check out my site if you're interested in seeing more like these!



  2. The person who uploaded the second one on Youtube said it was Japanese, so that's why I grouped them together. Sorry. Also, I know that some ads that are Korean are shown over there too. Thank you! :D