Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Po Pi Po (Again)

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Sung by the Miku Vocaloid. Still a fun song. She's singing about vegetable juice. Onion Icon I'm feeling much better today! MSN Onion IconI also had a good night's sleep. MSN Onion IconThe only problem was, I slept in a lot later than I would have liked. But, I think I seriously needed it. I added a Cbox so people can comment on things, say hello, chat, etc. It's under the Current Manga section. MSN Onion Emoticons I'll see how it is after about a week, and if I don't like it, I'll just delete it. MSN Onion Icons

Earlier, there was something going on next door. There was our cable company's truck and the city's truck parked along our side of the road. If you remember, a few weeks ago we had our cable company's workers working on some pipes there. They left wires sticking out of the ground for a while. MSN Onion Emoticon SetEventually, they covered them up. When my mom asked about the wires before, they had no idea about the project or job. Onion Emoticon SetToday, they seemed to be arguing with the guy from the city truck. Maybe they really weren't supposed to work there or it violates some sort of code. Onion Emoticon SetThen, another cable truck came by. After just a few minutes, they all left. It was all very amusing to watch, at least to me. Onion Icons

I caught up on a few things, since I obviously wasn't going to get everything done today.MSN Onion IconsOne of the things I caught up on was V. I missed last week's. So much happens in one episode, if you miss one you're far behind on everything. Onion Emoticon SetSo, luckily, they had it online. 

Fave deviantART: Tastes Like Fur Wild Within Sweet Need This Is War Canada's Strawberry Avalanche Butterfly 13 Seimei Ketsuno APH- Return to Britain Trying out a 4Koma I didn't make any of these! MSN Onion EmoticonsFirst, reminds me WAY too much of Tasha. She looks very similar when she grooms. Onion IconThe second, I just love the emotion the pic makes. Very beautiful.Onion IconsThird, was too cute of a cat pic to say no. MSN Onion IconsFourth, was an amazing drawing of Spain and England from Hetalia going head to head. Fifth, just seems like a pretty random drawing of Canada from Hetalia. But, was funny and pretty well done. Sixth, is an upclose pic of a butterfly's body. Oddly, looks amazing. I find their bodies are usually not as pretty as their wings, but from this point of view, it seems different. Seventh, is a drawing of Seimei from Gintama. The only part I found a bit odd was how big the bowl is in his hand. It looks like it should be one of those little sipping sake cups, but it's way too big. MSN Onion IconsThe rest is great! Seimei's a very interesting character, so it's nice to see someone draw him. Eighth, ok, this was just too amazing! :wow: It's a painting based on the Hetalia characters England and America. It's England sailing away from America after the American Revolution. Even if you don't like anime, you have to check it out because it's really something. The last one is a comic done by an amazing deviant named Mikeinel. This doesn't show off his best work, but it's still a pretty funny one. Onion IconYes, it's in Tagalog, but he translates it in the artist's comments. His work is very interesting. I think what drew me first to him wasn't on deviantART but on Youtube for his animation Draw With Me. It was amazingly done, creative, and original. Even the music's original. It's a sad story about a girl and a boy separated by an unbreakable glass wall. He apparently does have it on DA here's the link to it: Draw With Me If you haven't seen it, go check it out! 

Here's a couple of links to some videos I found interesting on Yomiuri. (Since I can't embed them.) Sakura A video showing the Sakura trees in bloom. Kind of cool to see. Otter This one was in their animal section, about otters. It's pretty cute.

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