Friday, May 7, 2010

King of Darkness (Again)

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Sung by the Kaito Vocaloid. Not one of my top faves, but still a good one. It's also kind of funny. About a kind of perverted vampire, who longs to drink a certain girl's blood. She catches him before he gets the chance and screams 'molester!'. Then, he gets thrown in jail, and as he's starving, he remembers he can be as small as an atom and floats away back to his castle. Kind of bizarre, but funny. Today was actually sunny and warm! It got up to around 63 F. Very nice compared to a couple of days ago. 

I broke my list of books down to 2 categories. One with the books I'm most interested in reading, and the other has the rest of them. I'll read the first list first, since I really want to read these. I decided the first book I'll read out of the list, is the Tao Te Ching. I've heard about it and the history behind it, and maybe have heard excerpts, but I don't think I've actually read it. So, that should be very interesting! Maybe I'll post these 2 lists on here, I'm not sure.

I changed my Selfy on TinierMe, again. I like the way she looks this time. It might be a bit odd, though. Before it was kind of retro, had purple hair, funky earrings, and a heart on one side of her shoes. I won the frilly bow in the Selfy's Sweet Paradise Gacha. The eyes I also won from their Stamp Rally. I liked the music note, and decided to grab it. Seems rather random to me. I like the way her jewelry came out. I like the top I found, although I thought it would have looked nicer as an actual dress. So, I changed the color of one of their skirts and added it. Didn't turn out too bad. 

I have a better translation now for that sentence I worked on the other day. But, it's still a pretty rough one. So, I'll work on it some more either Sunday or Monday. 

In Gintama, while Antenmaru has been fighting Seimei, the weather in Edo has gotten a lot worse. Like, hurricane weather. At first, the 2 shikigami give their powers to Gintoki's sword, so he can fight Antenmaru. While he's beating him, Doman's remembering back to when he was best friends with Seimei. He gains some control over the demon, and tells Gintoki to finish him off. Then, the demon gains control again before Gintoki gets the chance to do it. Both clans decide to fight the demon together, and give all their powers to Gintoki's sword. (In the pic. Normally his sword is very powerful, even though it's made out of wood.) They defeat the demon, the clouds part, and it's a sunny day. Later, the clans are finally getting along, and their planning to hold a feast in Gintoki's honor. He doesn't want Christel to know about the huge fight over her, and so doesn't want to attend the feast. Apparently, Doman survived after they killed the demon. Both clans try to outdo each other when they see the Yorozuya or Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi off. Somehow Christel knew about it, and over her weather forecast, thanks him. 

DeviantART faves: APH- Italy Brothers Hetalia in Action- Italy I didn't make these! The first has North and South Italy from Hetalia, one's holding a plate of pizza, the other some sort of pasta dish. Cute, makes me hungry, and I like the way they were drawn. The second's Italy (or North) looking awesome with his white flags. I think he has spaghetti at the end of a fork in his mouth. (So like him!)

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