Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Byakkoya no Musume


Sung by Kaito. It's originally the ending song to the movie Paprika. It means Girl in Byakkoya. The movie is a bit trippy, but this song's amazing! I forgot about this song when I watched the movie. :iconcutezuraplz:It's an anime movie, but it's very unique. It's about a research psychologist who uses a device that let's therapists help their patients by entering their dreams. She uses it on patients through long distance and calls herself Paprika in their dreams. Only something goes horribly wrong. :iconbipolarginplz:It won the Best Feature Length Theatrical Anime Award at the Tokyo Anime Awards. Also, was shown at many film festivals around the world. I liked most of it. Very interesting concept. :iconmeganeginplz:

I actually had a nice normal day! :iconchibicanadaplz:Although, I felt like I had been run over by a truck this morning. I wrote and edited some more of chapter 10. I also realized I might almost be done writing this chapter. I'll still have to edit more, but I'll be able to post it soon. :iconlaplz:

Ball and Jio finally figure out the right stone formation for the key. When they go inside they meet Kirin's pet Jajamaru. (They were calling him Chilin before, now it's Kirin? Oh, well.) Who leads them to him. His pet looks like a cross between a dog, cat, and sheep. He calls it his dog, and tells them instead of barking it makes an 'unn' sound. Kirin's also obsessed with pickles. After Jio tells him he needs his O-part repaired, Kirin agrees to doing it if they play his 'games'. He also tells them he'll make the O-part better than it was before. Jajamaru's actually an O.P.T too, and his O-part's a wolf bone. Kirin reminds me  a lot of Jiraiya. With seeming to not take things seriously, he drinks all the time, and he's teaching and training them without them realizing it. Calling the training a game. Jio and Ball both improve and get stronger. Ruby busts out of her cell with the help of Amidaba. 

Finished 2 sentences, but I'm still unsure about the way I translated them. Working on another one. I'll have to go back to the one's I'm unsure about later, might also make more sense once I look at that whole section? I know I'm close with one. It's saying something like the body (of the grill) will stay warm for a while after use. The other one really doesn't make much sense yet.  

I started playing some of my Classic Rock Clarinet solos book. It sounds horrible. The way it's written doesn't sound like the songs, and doesn't sound much like anything. So, I stopped and finished with a couple of Irish tunes. 

In Fairy Tail, Era's planning on wiping out all the Dark Guilds. Eisenwald's members were arrested and they can't seem to find Eligor. Erza and Natsu start to fight, but are interrupted by a messenger from the Council. They charge her with 11 counts of property damage and arrest her. Her trial's held at the Council's Fiore Branch. Natsu went on his own to save Erza. He bursts through a wall and tries to impersonate her, hoping they'll throw him in jail instead of Erza. It was all a formality to show other mages that the Council still enforces the law. Mystogan goes into the guild and everyone but the master passes out. His forte is sleeping magic. He's one of the strongest men in Fairy Tail. Every time he goes to check for a job he puts everyone to sleep, so they don't see his face. Laxus is another one of the strongest men of Fairy Tail. He considers himself 'the' strongest one. There are only 5 people who can do S-rank jobs. Happy and Natsu stole a poster from the S-rank jobs, and are going to do it without permission to become stronger. Lucy only agrees to joining them when she sees one of the rewards is a key. 

I played Garden TD. It was kind of a fun tower defense game. You defend your garden with gnomes, cactus, gum, gas, poison, and lasers. 

I drew more of Zero's anatomy. His legs and feet are basically done. I'm working on his arms and hands. I fixed a few things that seemed a bit off too. 

This reminded me too much of Buster! :iconjustahappyplz:

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