Friday, May 21, 2010



By Yumi Matsutoya. It's on the m-flo Turns It Out CD. It's got a very jazzy and R&B feel. Sounds a lot like it's a cover for another song. Onion IconsIt's become a new fave! I wish I could find more songs by this artist, because this song alone's kind of addicting. MSN Onion Emoticon

I still don't feel sick, so something must be working! MSN Onion EmoticonsIt was cold and rainy. (Much colder than yesterday.) Onion Emoticon Oh, and I saw a family of birds actually using the birdhouse I made, when I was like 10, a couple of days ago. I thought they would never use it. Cute seeing the mom go in and out and these little mouths hanging out the hole. Oh, today's my mom's birthday!PartyI'm thinking we'll do something special for her tomorrow, since I haven't gotten a chance to talk about it with Dad. :iconginassakaplz: I hope it'll be fun for her. She deserves it! :iconchibiamericaplz:I wrote more of chapter 10. I've been looking for an idea of how to change something in the story, because I'm getting tired of it. :iconannoyedgin-plz:I wasn't even thinking about it, and out of no where I came up with an idea! Idea It will keep it interesting and fresh. I might eventually go through the rest of my story, and change it. I already edited part of chapter 10 with this new system. OMG! I can't contain my excitement!

I finished playing The Beatles songbook I have. The last one was She's So Heavy. :iconginblinking:The last songs were a lot more interesting to play. I'm not sure which book I'm going to play next. :iconsugarfanplz:

Well, my great Aunt Doris passed away today. Tears (She was my grandfather's sister.) We knew for about a month that she didn't have much time left. She had cancer that spread too fast through her body, so they couldn't really do much for her. So, they made her as comfortable as she could be and took care of her. She had just been moved to a nursing home. I really liked her! She was very 'with it' and down to earth during my visits with her years ago. Had an awesome sense of humor, and cared about everybody. It's a little weird that it happened on my mom's birthday, but I think she would have wanted Mom to be happy. 

I worked on more of the Grill's manual. Finished translating one sentence, although I think it still needs work. I'm working on another, and it's much longer. Looks kind of like a run on sentence. 

deviantART faves: StupidFox- 30 Terrified I did not make these! First, a new StupidFox comic. It's just funny. The second, a beautiful pic of a cat. I really like the emotion it conveys. 

I usually don't like fandubs, but this Spanish one sounds very close to the Japanese version. I love this song for some reason, even though it's a bit creepy. Plus, this is a Hetalia version of it. (Originally, the vid stars the Vocaloids.)

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