Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yorokobi no Uta

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By KAT-TUN. I usually hate their music, but for some reason I like this one a lot. :iconjustahappyplz:In English it's Song of Joy. Apparently, the song was named the 6th best-selling song in 2007. And was honored at the 22nd Japanese Gold Disc Awards when it placed on the Best 10 Music Singles (Domestic) list. :iconaustriaemoteplz:Kind of interesting. 

Well, I had another bad night. Onion Emoticon SetTossing and turning mostly. Then, all of a sudden, (at around 2:30) I threw up. MSN Onion EmoticonHad a hard time going back to bed after that.Sleep My head was burning up, it was horrible. My head's still burning up.I'm on fire! My stomach hasn't been too bad. I've been sneezing a lot, too.Sneeze: Ah... ahh.. ACHOO!Hopefully, tonight and tomorrow will be a lot better? :iconginsmileplz:
I finished figuring out one of the sentences from the grill's handbook. And, I've got most of the next one. Still ironing things out on that one. ガスコンロ等の直火以外には使用しないでください。(Gaskonro tou no jikabi igai niha shiyoushinaide kudasai.) Please use gas ranges, and the like, and not direct heat. (Still seems a bit rough.) 

I saw a very cool vid on Yomiuri Online. It shows 2000 polo shirts made into one of the self-portraits of Van Gogh. It's amazing! :iconmeganeginplz:Looks just like the painting (although a bit pixelated), until you get really close to it. Here's the link: Van Gogh 

I played a game called Sound Walk. It's about a composer who sold his soul to become better, but later wants it back and has to find the remnants of it. So, he goes on a 'musical' walk. During this, you have to stomp, punch, jump, and avoid things in time with the music. Supposedly. :iconginfacepalmplz:I'm a musician myself, and couldn't get past the training level very well. (And, certainly not the 1st level.) I think the timings were way off in the game. I like the concept, but they messed it up big time. It's interesting, because other people only gave it 1 star out of 10. Now I know why. I'm also finding more songs! La la la la

DeviantART faves: Shino the Squirrel Damit Afternoon Nuke It Devil's Equilibrium Butterfly2 Panthera Tigris APH Postcard- China I did not make these! First, an original character that was just cute in a dark way. I like this artist's style for some reason. Second, is kind of a cute and sad drawing. Has a cat looking thing beaten up, and a raincloud over him. Third, has Hungary, Austria, Chibitalia, and HRE (Holy Roman Empire) enjoying their sunny afternoon outside. Of course, Chibitalia's painting in the background. The background and colors are very well done. Fourth, is a comic of America, from Hetalia, getting worried about the oil spill and how to stop it. Russia comes in and says he can fix it by nuking it. Fifth, is an interesting looking bug. Looks a bit like a stick bug. Sixth, is a really cool looking butterfly. Seventh, a very pretty pic of a white tiger. Eighth, a really nice drawing of China. 

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