Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zessei Bijin (Again)

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From the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Best CD. Still an awesome song. MSN Onion Emoticons Very jazzy, and makes you want to dance. Dance! Wrote some more of Alliance. It's getting interesting again. (Although, I kind of feel like that everytime I write.Onion Icons) I also played more of the Beatles on my clarinet. MSN Onion IconsGot up to the song The Long and Winding Road in the songbook. One of the songs I played had like 4 sharps in it. Onion Emoticon SetI can do it, but it takes me a while to, I guess, switch modes. Most of the notes aren't what they seem.They're all out to get me...A lot of the songs are very oddly written in this book. Oh, and really good news!Onion IconI'm back on my health insurance! We're still waiting for word from Social Security. O_o

Ball and Jio are caught by Wise. Jio tells them he recorded the entire conversation and threatens to tell the city, unless they release Ruby. Wise reminds me a lot of Gaara, only much more 'evil'. He has a piercing for every person he's killed. (His tongue's covered with them.) They end up fighting Wise. Jio makes it look like he aimed his boomerang at him, but he makes a hole in the wall so Ball can escape. Wise has 2 o-parts that have totally different abilities. One has handling, the other transports things through another dimension to the other ring. So if your head goes through, you'd go through the other ring and will be staring at Wise. (Your body's left behind.) He could decapitate you. Jio and Ball end up escaping to the roof. Wise finds them and breaks Jio's boomerang in half. When they escape the roof, they bump into the leader of the Resistance. Apparently, the only one who can repair Jio's o-part is an o-parts Grader named Chilin. Ruby finds out the pendant her father gave her, is actually an S rank o-part. (The highest rank, and most powerful.) It has over 100 abilities. 

I finished another sentence from the grill's manual. Still haven't fully translated it yet. It was a long one, so it took a while to get down. (Knew most of it, but wanted to review also. Plus, it was incredibly hard to read, since it's in small print.) 使用の前に、多少材料の特性上サビが発生している場合があります。(Shiyou no maeni tashou zairyou no tokusei ue sabi ga hassei shiteiru bai ga arimasu.) I also finished another verb form example sentence. あなたはしか空きませんならば。(Anata ha shika akimasennaraba.) Only if you're not available.

In Fairy Tail, Natsu beats Eligor. While they're talking about the victory, Kage grabs the Lullaby. He gets to the building where the guild masters are meeting. He's about to play the Lullaby flute, but is caught by Makarov (The Fairy Tail guild master), who acts like he doesn't know what it is. Kage says he'd like to play for him. Only, he can't bring himself to do it. Makarov knew that Kage couldn't do it, but wanted Kage to realize that it wasn't the right way to change things. After a long 'moving' speech, Kage surrenders. The lullaby transforms into a demon. Natsu, Grey, and Erza punch extra holes in it. So, when it tried playing the tune, it was harmless. (That's what happened in the pic.) They destroyed it after that.

I played Wanpa's Quest Another 4- Return of Escape. It's a Japanese escape game. I was getting through it pretty quickly, and then towards the end I got stuck. Eventually, I figured it out. It was a fun game, just not the best I've played.

I drew more of Zero. I inked his head, and worked a bit on his anatomy. I seem to be getting better at it. It's ok as a sketch right now, but I'm not very happy with it at the moment. But, I can still change and work more on it.

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