Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snow Fairy

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By Funkist. This is the 1st opening song for Fairy Tail. It's kind of a cool song. About how exciting the future can seem. I looked up the bands info. It's a 7 member band: vocalist, 2 guitarists, a bassist, drummer, percussionist, and a flautist. Also, they love to do live concerts, and most of the time will do over 100 of them in a year. MSN Onion IconsThey have a very interesting and unique sound. 

Today, I was sick again. Although, I'm feeling a lot better than before. I'm hoping I'll feel good enough to get back into things tomorrow. MSN Onion EmoticonsAfter updating Google Chrome, I looked at their extensions section. I now have the current weather on my toolbar, and a Wikipedia thing, where I can quickly look up something. (The weather one also has a 4 day forecast.) Awesome tools! Also, I thought their One Manga Reader was pretty good, but the red notifications going off on the far corner were distracting. :iconchibienglandplz:I liked that you could read the manga scans like a book and have the whole chapter on one page, instead of flipping through every single page. Also, you can turn off the ads. 


I worked more on the Grill's manual. Did a couple more sentences. 使用上問題ありません。(Shiyou ue mondai arimasen.) There isn't a major problem with use. (Still roughly translated.) 熱源の注意. (Netsugen no chuui.) Source of heat warning. I'm working on the next one. Have all the components, just need to fully translate it.

I tried to check my status for SSI, but they said we're sorry, we don't have that info available at this time.:iconbipolarginplz: They supposedly told my health insurance about it, but they haven't told me yet?! Frustrating! MSN Onion Emoticon Set

I found a lot more songs! Wahoo! Onion IconI love how I couldn't find any a couple of days ago, but now it's like too many at once. :iconkaguraeatplz:A couple more songs and I might fill my Zen Stone player up to 1% full. That's sad. Onion EmoticonMust get more! :icongintokirunplz:Some of the new ones are traditional Okinawan and general Japanese traditional songs. Really quite cool! Of course, not all of it is Japanese songs. :iconmeganeginplz:

DeviantART fave: I Want My Ice-cream I did not make this one! This is a funny Gintama painting. Has Gintoki sitting on a giant sundae, Kagura is eating some on the side, Shinpachi is on top of it looking at everyone, and Sadaharu is looking at it hungrily. It was nicely done, too. 

This is a funny and uplifting vid about a guy just wants to see people smile and feel good about themselves. 


  1. One manga is kind of annoying. However, gotta love how you can read free manga!


  2. That's true! Yeah, I like Manga Fox a lot more. :D