Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shineba Ii noni


Sung by the Kaito Vocaloid. In English: I Wish They'd Just Die. It doesn't have any murderous intent. :iconginsmileplz:It's about things that are annoying, and wishing them away. Things he mentions: a fly flies into your mouth as if it has been waiting for the moment you started to yawn; missing a show because a game went overtime; never getting that last drop out of a soda can; hitting your funny bone; noise of construction from next door, when you're sleeping; the deadline was for today but you thought it was for tomorrow. One of my fave songs, and I agree I wish they'd go away too! :iconchibirussiaplz:

Well, today I felt a lot better! :iconchibiamericaplz:I also got everything I wanted and need done. Feels good! Oh, and oddly it's still really nice out. (Except for the strong winds, not bad.) They said it would be cold and rainy. I also got my blood test back from the draw that was done yesterday. It was all normal. Wahoo! Onion IconI edited and wrote more of chapter 10. Also, played my clarinet. Got up to A Hard Day's Night. The only one that was a bit fun today was Strawberry Fields Forever. :iconannoyedgin-plz:

In Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, it was Hina Matsuri or Girls' Day. Sensei sees it's just an accumulation of useless trinkets, and without realizing it people have accumulated them over their lives. Kiri said there are ways to have an excess amount of ornaments without real life, particularly with avatars online. She makes one for him, and it looks really funny. Next, was an April Fool's Day chapter. Chie decided to joke about going on maternity leave. Everyone believed her, because she doesn't joke that often. So, they give her a bunch of gifts, and when Sensei finds out he's surprised it wasn't true. Saying when people usually don't joke, and suddenly decide to do one, people take them seriously.

Finished a sentence on the Grill's manual, and I'm still working on a very long one. MSN Onion Iconテーブルが焦げる恐れがあります。(Teeburu ga shougeru osore ga arimasu.) It will burn the table. :iconginblinking:

In Kuroshitsuji, a special camera that a famous scientist and inventor had in his collection, was the final camera he used. Supposedly, if you take a picture of someone, the thing most important to that person might also be revealed in that photograph. Since they're in the late 1800's, the cameras take 10 seconds to take a photo. Plus, you have to be absolutely still in it. They test it on Finny. When the photo came out, it showed a bird next to his head. But, it was one that he had accidentally killed. The thing that's reflected in photo is actually something that doesn't belong in this world or is dead. Ciel wants to see what will show up if you take a photo of someone who already doesn't belong in this world, particularly Sebastian. The servants try to take the pic, but Sebastian want stay still for 10 seconds. Then, while the servants are trying to move Pluto, he breathes fire at them. Sebastian gets distracted by the black stray cat, and starts playing with it. Pluto immediately gets jealous, turns into his naked human form, and begs for attention from him. (Sounds so wrong. :icongermanyplz:) I just realized, Finny has like super-human strength. They got his pic once, then Pluto burned it. Next time it came out. Sebastian, Ciel, and Pluto were in the pic when it was taken. But, nothing else is there. 

I played Transylmania 2. It's a cute game about a vampire who's teddy bear was stolen by the villagers. He has to find it with the clues he gathers. 

I worked more on Zero's anatomy. His torso's in proportion now. :iconjustahappyplz:Before, it looked so off. I'm actually improving a lot on it. He might not turn out as bad as I had thought. Next, I have to work on his arms and legs. I'm trying to be more detailed and precise with his anatomy, so I get more practice of what it's supposed to look like.:iconmeganeginplz: After I'm finally finished drawing him (which might be a while :iconginfacepalmplz:) I still have to draw Loathe in the background with his wings spread out and his mouth open. This whole thing might take a while, but I think it will be better than my previous drawings, so that's what's important.

Tonight's the start of Shavuot. Where we celebrate the giving of the Torah. A lot of people study Torah all night, and eat dairy foods. It's a nice holiday. I won't be going to the service and I think the study tonight, since Mom isn't sure if I'm contagious or not. They'll be kids there, too. That's ok, I can have my own thing for it.Onion Icons

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