Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lag B'Omer

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I've been feeling a bit weak, so I took it easy. Today's Lag B'Omer, or in English, the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer. The Omer is like a countdown from the second day of Passover until Shavuot. (49 days.) Shavuot is a holiday celebrating the Torah. It's also a harvest festival. Lag B'Omer's a very joyous holiday. There's many reasons behind celebrating it. People celebrate with bonfires, barbeques, getting haircuts, weddings, picnics, listening to music, and parties. (The fires represent the light of the Torah.) Archery's also big during the holiday. My parents went to someone's place to celebrate. They're going to do some archery, have pizza, sit outside, and I'm not sure if they're going to have a bonfire. I just didn't feel like going. Also, Dad's going there as Jill, which should be interesting. I'm thinking of changing the template of my blog, to a more wider version, I guess. Hopefully, it'll look good. MSN Onion Icon

I watched a Japanese Drama called Mr. Brain on TV Japan last night. It's very funny and interesting. It's like a cross between Bones, CSI, The Mentalist, and Criminal Minds. I like all those shows, so it's pretty awesome! It's about a Neuroscientist named Tsukumo Ryusuke who works at IPS, or Institute of Police Science. His personality reminds me a lot of the main character in the Mentalist, only he's smarter and seems a lot more funny. He loves to get in people's faces, and tries to catch them off guard. The first episode I saw was the second, so I decided to watch the first one. 

It gave me more of a background on him. He used to be a popular Host. He was walking along a sidewalk on a busy street and the metal street walls fell on him. He was rushed to the hospital and they had to operate on his brain. Apparently, during the accident, he injured a part of it. His brain tried to compensate for the area. Which, in turn, has made him a lot smarter. So, he goes back to college and becomes a Neuroscientist all within 5 years. The IPS gave him the smallest lab, and said they don't know much about it. His assistant is Yuri, and she's new to neuroscience and had begged to be transferred somewhere else. After learning a bit more about it from Tsukumo, she's grown to like it a lot. He also has a pet rat that gets into things. Onion IconHe likes to eat a lot when he's trying to think clearly, mostly bananas and sweets. 

The cases are very interesting. The first one I saw was about a killer who likes to eat his victims after he's killed them. The murders are still happening even after his death. The other case was after the killer murdered his victims, he left what the police thought was a calling card. A giant 十 painted with the victims blood, which they either thought meant the symbol for 10 or was a religious symbol. They saw tinier ones in a corner and ignored them. These were a dying message from the victim that was the kanji for the killer's name. The killer tried to distract everybody with the giant one. It didn't distract Tsukumo for too long, and was the only one who noticed it. There's a dirty cop, who's been working with the Yakuza on the side. They thought it was him at first. But, after Tsukumo noticed the message, he knew it couldn't be the cop. So, they couldn't touch him. 

Apparently, a lot of the actors of the show are very famous and have won awards over there. This has sparked my interest in watching more Japanese dramas. As it is now, I've started watching Ando Natsu, Bambino!, and now Mr. Brain. All have been good so far. Onion Icons

I hope to maybe make something from that recipe site either this week or the next. There's so many good looking ones. I just have to decipher the ones I want and make it. Also, I should find more music for my player this week. 

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